A Frog Photo

Above is a photo of a frog that I shot when I visited my mother in their garden. They have a small pond, and sometimes I find frogs along the edge. It’s a bit difficult to photograph them because her husband did put a protection net over the pond. I mean, it’s not impossible to shoot through a net, but fortunately there are some holes that make it possible to get clear shots without net patterns. I like the photo that I could take of the frog. Continue reading A Frog Photo

Frog In The Garden

Last time I visited my mother and her husband in the garden, I noticed a frog in their pond. There is a protection net over the pond so that predator birds can’t grab fishes out of it, which means I had to shoot photos through the net. But that is possible as I learned in a similar situation back then in 2016. I find it cool that you can shoot photos through close meshed things like fences, protection nets or any kind of grids. By the way, I didn’t take a lot of frog photos nor did I upload a … Continue reading Frog In The Garden