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Barbecue For My Uncle

This sunday was great, as we came together as planned to spend some time together with my uncle in the garden. We did have a barbecue and several family members came together. I was very happy when I saw that my uncle did eat well, because recently that worked not always so good due to his tumor and the past treatments. It was cloudy but when he started to eat that well, it seemed like the sun would push the clouds to the sides and I said “Look, now that he eats, the sun is smiling!” and everyone laughed including my uncle. Not only this, he was also in a great mood, and I believe he forgets the issues for a while when the family comes together. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve. The September here in Northern Germany was still great and we had some hot days, today it was very mixed and we hope to have some more good days to repeat what we did today, but I believe the summer weather will end soon. Anyway, today the day was still ok and the food was delicious.


    • Thank you. We all want to give him a good time and today it really worked well because he felt good and there were no major symptoms. It’s not always that easy, but we got told by the doctor to accept it then, and additionally we should also take care that we don’t burn out. But with time you learn how to deal with it as a family, there are enough people so that we can rotate with the visits and so. Of course, the best is sunday when everyone finds time, that was cool today. 🙂

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