Tuxedo Beauty


I always like to take photos with my cat, and I think the one I show you with this post is really cool as it is basically a close-up portrait. She likes to hop on chairs, and I have this kitchen chair where she can go all crazy, because it’s just an old one, the fabric is very solid and everything else is metal anyway. I’d say it’s not my chair anymore, she claimed it already. Good for me too, because I could take the portrait in this post.

6 thoughts on “Tuxedo Beauty

  1. I love cats! They live with us as pets, but they don’t submit like dogs. They are mysterious, elegant but sometimes clumsy. A cat can give you comfort and the curr has a soothing effect.

    1. That’s so true Marco. Most people in the family have dogs, I have a cat, and I like them all but I definitely see the different behaviour of cats and dogs too. The cats curr does really have a soothing effect… I am not really someone who easily falls asleep but when my cat lies beside me in the evening, the curr makes me always fall asleep in no time.

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