Sleepy Cat

I don’t have much time anymore because I meet a friend in voice chat the next minutes, but I wanted to push the photo above out to my blog. I tried to get a close-up photo of my cat with the 40mm macro lens I am using. The paw turned out to be a bit too distracting in the photo, and I hoped the paw would be less blatant. When I saw Shyna sleepy and surrounding her eye with her paw, I thought this would be a nice photo. I like how it is framed, but I really hoped there … Continue reading Sleepy Cat

Beautiful Black Dog

Above you can see the dog of my cousin. I already uploaded several photos of her dog in the past but I still have some in my library. I pretty much liked the photo you can see above, and apart from cropping a few pixels there was minimal editing. I really like how the photo turned out. It was a bright August day but I took the photo in the shadow as you can see, and I think this worked pretty well. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I am an expert in photography, but over time you … Continue reading Beautiful Black Dog


Above you can see a portrait photo of Charlie, the dog of my mother. There was minimal editing with the photo. I thought the photo was pretty perfect. The only things I did was cropping a tiny bit of the top to remove what I would call “too much space”, and I added a bit of clarity and sharpness since this usually makes the fur of pets more present. I would still say this was a snapshot, because I remember that I spontaneously took the photo, but it’s a good snapshot in my opinion. But with pets that is easy, … Continue reading Charlie


Today I saw my cat on the white blanket of my couch, and I thought she would look very dreamy and relaxed. When you don’t have your camera near you, you’re afraid that you could miss the shot but thankfully she was still in that position when I got my camera from the other room. I didn’t edit the image a lot, it’s a nice portrait in my opinion. I just changed the crop a bit and then I added a bit of clarity. I hope you liked the photo too. You can find more photos of cats on my … Continue reading Dreamy

Tuxedo Beauty

I always like to take photos with my cat, and I think the one I show you with this post is really cool as it is basically a close-up portrait. She likes to hop on chairs, and I have this kitchen chair where she can go all crazy, because it’s just an old one, the fabric is very solid and everything else is metal anyway. I’d say it’s not my chair anymore, she claimed it already. Good for me too, because I could take the portrait in this post. Continue reading Tuxedo Beauty