Beautiful Black Dog

Beautiful Black Dog

Above you can see the dog of my cousin. I already uploaded several photos of her dog in the past but I still have some in my library. I pretty much liked the photo you can see above, and apart from cropping a few pixels there was minimal editing. I really like how the photo turned out. It was a bright August day but I took the photo in the shadow as you can see, and I think this worked pretty well.

I wouldn’t go so far to say that I am an expert in photography, but over time you definitely get a bit of experience. If you take photos of pets since quite a while, you either heard it or experienced it already. But if you are new to pet photography and if you are reading this, one tip I can give you is to get down to the eye level of the pet when you take the photo. That’s how you get some really interesting shots of cats and dogs.

It makes them appear bigger, it makes it look more close-up, and you give the viewer a great perspective. It looks so great because usually we don’t see our pets at eye level, but with these photos we can do that. On this way you get to see how two pets would look at each other, they’re at eye level. If you never did that, try it out and compare it with the photos where you didn’t. It’s fairly simple, but it makes a huge difference.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Black Dog

  1. That’s a good tip Dennis but a difficult one for me because if I got down to her level Cindy is likely to walk up to the camera and lick my face and secondly because kneeling or squatting down is not as easy as it used to be and getting back up again even harder :-).

    1. This works best with a long lens like my 70-300mm. Being a bit more far away is not like asking “Come here dog”. But I think, it’s best when the dog is relaxed and not so much focused on you. As the owner of Cindy, it might not be that easy yes, since they are usually very focused on the owner. Big plus is that the image can get a compressed look due to the long lens, that works well for pet photos. I understand that it’s not as easy as it used to be.

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