World of Warcraft Official Classic Server Launch Date Announced

world of warcraft official classic server launch date

There is a good news for everyone who is waiting for the official World of Warcraft Classic servers. Blizzard told us more about the launch date in a recent Tweet on the official World of Warcraft Twitter account. They posted a short video that shows the World of Warcraft Classic logo and a small hint that they will launch it in Summer 2019. I’d say that’s a pretty strategic launch date. But internally they will probably be quite surprised how much more people will be subscribed because of Classic in summer compared to Battle for Azeroth during autumn and winter. I think subscriptions will most likely skyrocket as never seen since a long time. I think it’s a win for everyone. And it’s earlier than people expected! It’s a good news.


3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Official Classic Server Launch Date Announced

  1. ah, that means I will have to rejoin the ranks, doesn’t it. I bailed out of all of it last year, there seemed to be no point in spending money for something I couldn’t tolerate, but next summer I’ll be in line for this, for sure. Thanks for the heads up, Dennis. I don’t have Twitter so I would have missed it for sure.

    And I agree, there will probably be a line all the way down the street and around the corner when it goes up. =)

    1. I probably need to prepare myself with enough potato chips if the queue is too long 🙂 But I don’t have problems with this 🙂

      Overall I am mostly following any classic news… not so much interested in the other stuff anymore. I am glad I could keep you updated with this post 🙂

      1. I think what soured me on the entire experience was the short circuiting of quests, so that half way through you were basically told to get your gear together, we’re done here. And to emphasize the push, suddenly your points–per-monster and rewards dropped dramatically. As they say here (and possibly there, too) it was obviously a case of “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry, and don’t trip on that bottom step…”

        It’s like gong back to the old neighborhood only the old houses are gone, and there’s a neat new condo where your house was. It’s not the same.

        And I appreciate you letting me know. Makes the winter a bit less tedious.

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