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Bumblebee On A Plant

Bumblebee working on a plant

I shot this photo in the garden. We have a lot of bumblebees in the garden due to all the flowers and plants. It would be a paradise for macro photography. Now I still need to work with the kit lens, it’s not optimal as I can not get very close to insects or flowers, because then I can’t focus anymore. But in this case I tried to get close as possible, at home I cropped the image to get even closer. It’s not too bad I think.


    • The original image was less sharp. But the image quality was good enough so that I was able to sharpen the image with Lightroom with good results. I also added a little bit of clarity to the image. To be honest, I have bad luck with most close-up shots too, it’s just this image that is really ok, but other than that, my kit lens is really bad for close-ups most of the time.

    • Haha, yes they are… in the afternoon you see some of them falling to the ground, they fall out of the flowers because they are full of pollen, and they have a hard time to fly… looks funny 😀

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