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Bumblebee At Work

bumblebee at work

It’s not a long time ago when I uploaded a photo of a bumblebee, but we have plenty of flowers in the garden and therefore also enough bumblebees and other insects.  I like to watch them, I also like to take photos of them. The Nikon 18-105mm lens is not really made for macro photography, but the more I use the lens, the more I get at least some kind of close-up shots, not exactly macro shots but still interesting photos I think.


    • I am glad you like it Trisha, we have so many of them in the garden, they approach so many flowers that even their backs are full of pollen as you can see in the photo if enlarged. The garden would be a paradise for macro photography, I hopefully have my first macro lens next summer, lets see 🙂

      • I haven’t seen many bees in my garden this year. It’s a little worrisome since I’ve heard that many are dying off. It’s good to know that they are plentiful and finding lots of pollen somewhere. 🙂

        After struggling so much with focus, I am starting to wish for a macro lens too.

      • I heard about the dying bees too, I have read that it’s a worldwide problem, also here in Germany… the European Union had a study and found out it has to do with pesticides that are used on farms and so… I have seen a lot of bumblebees, but not much of these common honeybees… it’s sad how humans damage the enviroment so much with chemicals and what not just to get more productivity… now we see that it makes things worse. I pretty much dislike that big concerns don’t care about the nature.

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