A Fly

I was walking through the garden areas and saw a fly on a greenish wooden beam. While people say the Nikon 40mm macro lens isn’t perfect for insect photography, I often try to attempt things anyway. And yes, it’s difficult because you need to come close to have a nice picture, and you know insects are shy. But after using the lens for some days now, I can say it isn’t impossible because sometimes they let you come close. But I still would say it’s very tricky, and in the future, I might get myself a 105mm macro lens or … Continue reading A Fly


Here is a photo that I took some time ago in our garden. I noticed a wasp on a wooden beam and thought I take the photo. I took a lot of inscent photos back then when I was still using my point and shoot camera. That worked quite well back then because it had some kind of pseudo-macro mode. It’s a lot more difficult with my DSLR due to the focus distance limits and I didn’t invest into a macro lens yet. Maybe I do in the future because I am interested, although it’s nowhere at the top of … Continue reading Wasp

Yellow Butterfly

I found the butterfly in the picture above a few days ago on the way during my hike. This is pretty much a pseudo-macro-shot because I used my Tamron 70-300mm lens to get the photo. Also I cropped the image a bit to get even closer. I find the yellow butterfly very beautiful, but there have been more than one, because the blossoms seemed to attract many of them. That’s always a great nature spectacle. I like to watch these small creatures. Here are more photos of insects. Continue reading Yellow Butterfly

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about tiny things. I thought that I use the challenge to show you a butterfly photo that I shot a while ago. I would really like to try this with a real macro lens, but for now I usually had to use my Nikon 18-105mm lens or my Tamron 70-300mm. In this case I shot the photo at 300mm with my tele zoom lens. I’d call that pseudo macro photography. Fun fact, I could basically afford a true 90mm or 100mm macro lens next month, I am just not sure if I should do … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny