Photoshopped Doggy And A Story With A Happy End

I thought it is time again for some Photoshop work. Above you can see the result of the work. I had this very bad base image of a quite funny looking dog. If I mean bad, then I really mean bad. There was almost everything wrong with the base image but since the dog looked so funny I gave my self the task to get the best out of the image as I can. I didn’t really think that I can get great results as the original image is just horrible, but I am anyhow quite happy what I have … Continue reading Photoshopped Doggy And A Story With A Happy End

The Apple Tree Story

Today I want to tell you a short story from my childhood. I can get inspired by a lot of things. Today I got inspiration by a friend on the gaming platform Steam. She wrote me a chat message and apart from other things she chatted also about the meaning of different first names. She for example mentioned that there is a similar one as my name Dennis. It´s a Turkish name that is written Deniz. Dennis is the english variant of the greek name Dionys and Dionysius. But she told me that the Turkish name Deniz would mean “He … Continue reading The Apple Tree Story

The Witcher Screenshots and Suggestion to Play the Game

I recently played through the PC game called The Witcher and had a lot of fun doing so. It´s not often that I write game reviews and I really wouldn´t say that my article will be a review as I write in my own style. I rather would say that my article will be a suggestion to play the game in case you are adult, because it´s rated for matures. I´ll add a few necessary details to understand what the game is about. I won´t write too much about the story of the game as I don´t want to spoil … Continue reading The Witcher Screenshots and Suggestion to Play the Game

Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

Today the Daily Prompt asks: “You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next?”. Instead of answering the question, I can really tell a story about unexpected guests. It´s a long time ago and I am talking about a time when me and my friends were round about 20 years old. Another friend did invite us but we arrived too early and he was still not at home. I am not sure why we did that but a friend said “Look! The … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

The German Curry Sausage Dissimilarity

This was my meal yesterday. I sometimes prefer fast food if I want to play computer games with my friends. Yes, because it is somewhat convenient to call the delivery service but also because they offer some tasty things. One very famous german fast food dish is the one on the image above. It´s a Currywurst (curry sausage) with french fries and curry sauce and salad. I additionally ordered mayonnaise for the fries. That is a very common fast food dish here in North Germany. Here where I am, the sausage is very long (sometimes maybe also cut through like … Continue reading The German Curry Sausage Dissimilarity

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I like the new motto of the latest Weekly Photo Challenge. Well, 2014 just started and you could say that this is the reason why they have chosen “beginning”. The start of the year might have inspired them. As always it is up to us participants how we interpret the motto. On the left side you can see how I associate the Challenge theme “beginning”. On the photo you can see my cat Shyna. If you stop by regularly on my blog then you have probably seen hundreds of her photos. But this time it is a different one! It´s the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning