Four Seasons but Autumn above all!

When I say “Four Seasons but Autumn above all!” then I mean that I like spring, summer and winter but autumn is really one of my favorite seasons. People sometimes think that I am crazy if I say this. But I do not understand why so much people dislike autumn.

I like autumn probably so much because I am born in October. Ok that would be the superstition version of the answer. But more precisely I would say that I love rainy days. It is so cool to be in a warm place and listen to the raindrops on the window. I always enjoy this times and for me it is very mystic anyhow.

The days when all people cry “Damn rain!” or “Damn weather!”, I usually answer “I like it!” and people do not understand it. Really…

I also like to take my umbrella and go outside when it is rainy. People can’t understand it but I love it. I like the scent of the rainy and fresh air and the wet grass.. the wet plants and the streets. I just like it.

I always feel like a child if it is rainy, and I can´t explain why… “I am singing in the rain” would fit to me. Crazy? No I am not. I am born in October.. and I think the weather around that time is wonderful.

When it is summer and people feel great, then I sometimes feel mad because it´s too hot. I like summer too but not if it is annoying hot. I often get circulation problems then. That´s maybe the exact reason why I prefer colder seasons. But as said… that does not mean that I hate summer. I like the bloom of summer if it does not get warmer than 25 degrees or so. It´s a beautiful season as well. Some said, that is a strange opinion to prefer autumn. But why should everyone love hot days? I love autumn much more!

Autumn at home is pretty cozy too. But even going outside in autumn is fun. Walking through a small forest when the first leaves fall to the ground? I love it. If many leaves float down, you can listen and hear them in the wind. It is so great. We just have very small forests hear near my hometown but it is still very mystic to walk in the forest when it is fall.

I am also just 20 minutes far away from the baltic sea with train or car. When autumn starts you notice there that the waves bubble more up because it gets more windy. You feel it’s the season when the sea starts to wakes up. Again this is very mystic for me. I love to notice the nature in fall. I like autumn so much.

As I said I like spring, summer and winter as well.. but I just wanted to write about my favorite season autumn. I look forward to the coming autumn.

How about you? Do you like autumn too? And if so.. what and why do you like it?

7 thoughts on “Four Seasons but Autumn above all!

    1. Angree. Lots of prettiness to discover also in Autumn. 🙂 Experienced that the wordpress community has open eye´s for all beautiful seasons. Looking forward to all the great Autumn photos from all the bloggers soon. 🙂

  1. I dont know how it feels the autum season but i think is beautiful except for the rain lol but i like when the rain is moderate and im in my house, here in my country is rainy time and is so much water and thunders and sometimes too much humidity but im trying to like the rain 😀

    1. Hehe Franni, yes… You made a good point. Autumn can be so different depending where you are located. 😀 I remember when we talked about humidity on twitter. Too crazy changes of humidity can really be annoying. About rain… too heavy rain is also not so my thing. It really depends. But if there is too heavy rain outside, then it can be pretty cozy inside in the warm apartment 🙂

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