A few weeks ago I went outside to take some photos in the city during the rain. I actually wondered if the city cats would roam around during rain, that’s why I had my Tamron 70-300mm with me, which is a bad choice for street photos but a good one for cat photos. So, taking street photos was a bit difficult but at least I shot a close-up photo of a cat that day. For the street photos, I tried my best at 70mm and the image you see at the top is one of a few photos I brought … Continue reading Alley

Raindrops On The Window

Looking for something beautiful in my apartment, I saw my windows and all the raindrops on it. The weather is not good outside, but at least it makes the windows become visually appealing. By the way, do you like the sound of raindrops on the windows too? I always like to listen to the raindrops on the windows. It can be pretty cozy if you are inside but it’s raining outside. You can also find some other photos of raindrops on my blog, but there are not much photos. Continue reading Raindrops On The Window

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

A little bit late, but here comes my entry to the WordPress Photo Challenge of this week. I’ve been busy with other things but yesterday I tried to look for a photo in my library that would fit to the H2O theme, and to be honest because the decision was difficult as I have so many photos that would fit. I decided to show you one that I shot in the garden, you might think I took a photo of the rain, but I just asked my mother to simulate rain with the water hose. It’s one of the photos … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

We had real heavy storm in Northern Germany today. I thought the storm was heavy in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein but then I saw the news about the neighboring federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there was total destruction in some towns. We had more luck in Schleswig-Holstein, but it was very unusual and scary anyway. They said in the news that it was a tropical thunderstorm. I was sitting in my living room and watched out of the windows and wrote my mother a small message like “Do you see the clouds? Looks like the end of world”. She replied “Yea, pretty … Continue reading Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

Four Seasons but Autumn above all!

When I say “Four Seasons but Autumn above all!” then I mean that I like spring, summer and winter but autumn is really one of my favorite seasons. People sometimes think that I am crazy if I say this. But I do not understand why so much people dislike autumn. I like autumn probably so much because I am born in October. Ok that would be the superstition version of the answer. But more precisely I would say that I love rainy days. It is so cool to be in a warm place and listen to the raindrops on the … Continue reading Four Seasons but Autumn above all!