Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

We had real heavy storm in Northern Germany today. I thought the storm was heavy in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein but then I saw the news about the neighboring federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there was total destruction in some towns. We had more luck in Schleswig-Holstein, but it was very unusual and scary anyway. They said in the news that it was a tropical thunderstorm.

I was sitting in my living room and watched out of the windows and wrote my mother a small message like “Do you see the clouds? Looks like the end of world”. She replied “Yea, pretty scary dark”. About two minutes later rain started, to be honest, it was like a rain explosion because from one second to the other a full-blown shower started.

It was not a usual shower. I don’t know how to explain this, from one second to the other I couldn’t watch out of the window anymore, I just saw water, like sitting behind a waterfall. The noise alone was scary, but it was more frightening that my windows were still in tilt position and it looked as if they would not withstand the storm and rain.

I immediately closed them, but I had already quite a lot of water in my room and had to mop it up. That was kinda strange, I mean I closed them seconds later after the rain started but I had already a big wet spot in the room. That was a real heavy rain.

My mother and her husband drove with the car after the storm because they wanted to buy some stuff for the garden in a local building and supplies store. She did send me some photos from underway. She said there were a lot of trees on the streets, and there was a lot of damage in the store they visited.

So, there was destruction due to the storm in our city Lübeck and in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein, but also in Hamburg, the storm did even roofs were torn away there as you can see in the Tweet below.

Someone also took a photo when the storm arrived near Hamburg harbor. The scary dark clouds, that is how it looked like in Lübeck as well before the heavy shower started. Below you can see a Tweet with a photo from Hamburg.

But Mecklenburg-Vorpommern got it harder than Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The town Bützow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was hit by a tornado and the whole town looks destroyed as you see if you click on the following Twitter link. To be honest, it really rather looks like a photo from a war. The Tweet below shows how the town got hit by the tornado.

In the following Twitter link you can see the tornado that appeared in Bützow, and you can see thrown away cars, really scary, they got hit hard by the thunderstorm and tornado. Looks like the tornado had a lot of power.

Also someone recorded a video of the tornado near Rampe in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Looks like the tornado was forming to become bigger, I am not sure if it was the same that destroyed the town Bützow, maybe there were several tornado’s, I don’t know.

To be honest, years ago I didn’t believe much in the climate change, you probably even can find posts on my blog where I denied it. But since the last one or two years I do believe in it. I am 33 years old and of course we had some thunderstorms in Northern Germany where I live, but over the last years they do come more often, they do come with much more destruction.

Also the strange weather changes, we had for example extremely sunny days but also days cold like winter over the last weeks, and then autumn style weather and spring weather too, everything in the same month. And this is now happening often, it’s extremely strange weather. I don’t know, I think there is really something going on with the climate, I believe it will become even more turbulent over the next decades, it’s scary.

11 thoughts on “Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

  1. Strangely enough we had a bad storm in Tasmania last night. I had the curtains closed but I could hear the pouring rain and the wind whistling and rattling the back door. I haven’t checked yet to see what damage was caused but our place is OK and we didn’t lose power so that was good.
    I’ve said before I do believe in climate change and more frequent severe weather events like these are one of the things we are going to see a lot more of. It is scary. I wish our politicians thought so too. They are quick to offer damage relief but not interested in measures that might prevent climate change from getting worse.

    1. Here is probably the only part where I really agree with my German government (laugh), they try to push the idea with renewable energy forward, they do even suggest this to other countries. I do also think that Germany is pioneer with renewable energy. I think this is the way to go and interesting to follow.

      I also heard that we set Co2 emission limits for the industry and so, I think this is the right way but still a drop in the bucket if not everyone country does it.

      When it comes to renewable energy, I especially like the idea of solar energy and bio energy. I first thought the idea of wind energy would be cool too, but then I heard that our government creates huge windparks in the North Sea, however, environmental organisations complained already that it destroys the habitat of many fishes, birds and so on. That is then bad too.

      I find it very scary too, every government should work together to change things before it gets even worse, I agree with you.

  2. Woww that was so heavy weather i think everything is changing, all the volcanoes are activating and this weekend at the pacific coast the waves were so big that looks like a little tsunami in many countries 😱

    1. Yes, it’s very very scary what is going on. It’s not limited to some places anymore, I see a lot more ecological calamities in the news :/

    1. Yes, very scary, but it’s a wonder that not many had major injuries. 30 people from Bützow came to the hospital with minor injuries, 1 person had major injuries. One person died in Hamburg, we had some people with injuries in Lübeck as well.

      Also the tornado in Bützow was not the only one, yesterday I got images from a friend that show a tornado outside of Lübeck, sadly the image was of super low quality as my friend decided to paint a circle around the tornado as if nobody would find it on the photo (laugh), he also added sad emotes, too sad that he didn’t even the original anymore without all the blah in the image.

      We really had some major thunder cluster over Northern Germany. Small wind roses are common here, but bigger ones like tornados were rather uncommon here but appear more often now as it seems. It’s just one year ago when we saw big ones two times (but without destruction), one over the Baltic Sea, and one over a field outside of Lübeck.

      The recent tornado had around 330 km/h, that is already a lot of power.

  3. Wow that looks scary!! do you know any British people who were caught up in the tornado? As you speak such good English, I thought you might and I’m looking for British people who’ve been badly affected by weather abroad. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for the compliment about my English. I have not read about casualties of foreigners or tourists. The newspapers did only publish numbers of people hurt but no names. Also in my neighborhood I don’t know of any casualties.

      1. Dear Dennis,
        Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that there were no casualties. With all best wishes,

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