Stormy Weather And Summer Days

The weather is pretty funny at the moment. One day it’s super stormy with heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms, and in-between we have days that are sunny and humid. Right now it’s like alternating between a stormy day, and then a sunny day. Oh, and talking about the humid days, it seems like I am a bit hardened by the last year (the incredibly hot and humid European summer in 2018). I am pretty sure I would already start to complain about the humid weather, but now I know it could be worse. Like a neighbor said when we discussed … Continue reading Stormy Weather And Summer Days

Uprooted Tree

As I mentioned days ago, we had a heavy storm in Northern Germany some days ago. Today I saw the recent motto of the Weekly Photo Challenge and this time we can share a photo that is about the forces of nature. I thought it would probably possible to find some damage the storm caused, and I was right, I found a uprooted tree in one of the parks of our district. I think that this pretty much shows the force of nature… Continue reading Uprooted Tree

Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

We had real heavy storm in Northern Germany today. I thought the storm was heavy in our federal state Schleswig-Holstein but then I saw the news about the neighboring federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there was total destruction in some towns. We had more luck in Schleswig-Holstein, but it was very unusual and scary anyway. They said in the news that it was a tropical thunderstorm. I was sitting in my living room and watched out of the windows and wrote my mother a small message like “Do you see the clouds? Looks like the end of world”. She replied “Yea, pretty … Continue reading Today We Had A Heavy And Destructive Thunderstorm in Northern Germany

Water Drops On The Window

We had and still have good summer weather here in North Germany over the last days but yesterday came a storm up and we had rain in the evening. I saw those dark clouds and wanted to take a photo but then I also saw the water drops on my window and wanted to check out my point and shoot camera and the macro mode again. The image above is the result. I really like to see the tiny universe and macro photography could really interest me when I saved up for a DSLR camera some day. Continue reading Water Drops On The Window