Water Drops On The Window

Waterdrop on the Window

We had and still have good summer weather here in North Germany over the last days but yesterday came a storm up and we had rain in the evening. I saw those dark clouds and wanted to take a photo but then I also saw the water drops on my window and wanted to check out my point and shoot camera and the macro mode again. The image above is the result. I really like to see the tiny universe and macro photography could really interest me when I saved up for a DSLR camera some day.

2 thoughts on “Water Drops On The Window

  1. I really like the pictures that feature rain in all its impersonations. Especially when it runs on a window pane. This is a good one Dennis.

    1. Thanks. I always like it if I sit in the cozy warm room and hear the raindrops on the window. It can be really cozy if you don´t have to go out 😀

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