Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Cat on the Carton

My cat Shyna finds always room. The photo above shows what I mean. She will always find room to lay down and she could declare anything as cozy, even a carton. I needed the moving box to put my old living room content into it, until I got the new cabinet for the living room. I placed the moving box in my bedroom but my cat liked the box. Well, isn´t it fun to scratch on the cardboard to take a nap on it later on? However, the photo simply fits to the recent photo challenge.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

    1. Yes very good! How did you find out the first word? 😀 It´s very close and same meaning but “Betriebswirtschaftslehre für Berufsfachschulen”. I think the subject is called business studies or business administration in English. A book I was “forced” to read in the trade school a decade ago 😀

      1. I search images for “für Berufsfachschulen” in google.de, I take the first result because the ‘-ehre’ ending was fit. And after using google.de for a while, I realize it much more comfy than google.com and google in this country.

      2. Haha, that is cool. That´s how I do it sometimes too if I just have an image but need to research. You have good research skills 🙂 Oh and by the way, you were right… on the book it´s really just called “Wirtschaftslehre” but we call this subject also “Betriebswirtschaftslehre” or “BWL” in short but it´s absolutely the same.
        Yes, it was a good idea to use the German Google variant. 🙂

  1. Its a few months (understatement) since winter. But back then our cat Wickie liked it to lay down in a box near the heating or playing with a little toy ball in the box (he doesn´t like chasing the ball to far).
    “Betriebswirtschaftslehre” in trade school (Handelsschule) is also nostalgic for me. I didn´t like presentations of problems (tasks) back than (just to learn sth. by heart was so much easier as finding a solution for problems if you didn´t know anything about the professional world.

    1. Funny is, I never heard about a cat that would dislike a box. Once, I told a friend who had a bored cat “Give your cat the opened box of the delivery you received yesteday, she will play with it until she decides to take nap in the box…”. I was right 😀 I think cat´s love it and I don´t know why.

      In my class there were many who disliked Betriebswirtschaftslehre but I rather found it interesting as well. It was new and discovering how business world works was indeed quite interesting. I agree.

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