Uprooted Tree

As I mentioned days ago, we had a heavy storm in Northern Germany some days ago. Today I saw the recent motto of the Weekly Photo Challenge and this time we can share a photo that is about the forces of nature.

I thought it would probably possible to find some damage the storm caused, and I was right, I found a uprooted tree in one of the parks of our district. I think that this pretty much shows the force of nature…

Uprooted Tree

4 thoughts on “Uprooted Tree

  1. It always amazes me how small the root systems are for such large trees. Surely it must be awesome to actually witness a tree of this size falling…so long as you’re not in the way!


    1. Very good point, I wondered too how this thing could stand for so long with such a small root system, but the storm did the job now 🙂

      It’s a wonder that nothing happened, there is a children’s playground outside of the bush. Some meters more to the right and it could have ended bad, because the tree lenght would have reached the playground. The storm started out of nowhere, so, it might be possible that some kids played there at that time and had luck. Now I don’t think that anything happened, otherwise they would have mentioned in the local news.

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