Barbecue Time

barbeque 1

Yesterday we decided to have a barbecue in the evening. We drove to our garden, the weather was mixed with rain and sun. Pretty crazy and choppy, it changed every 20 minutes from sunny day to rainy, really crazy. But we have a roofed area and a garden house anyway so that the rain didn’t stop us to start the barbecue.

We didn’t prepare our own salad, this time we did buy some of these ready-made salads in a store. However, they were not bad either. We had potato salad, but we also had a salad called “Party Salad”, that one was tasty and contained carrots, corn and cole-slaw with mayonnaise. But of course, meat is always the biggest highlight of a barbecue, I loved the steaks and I did also eat some sausages. We really enjoyed the evening in the garden.

10 thoughts on “Barbecue Time

  1. That meat is marinated? Certainly looks like the work of a grill master 🙂 I’ve come to finally get used to relying on my temperature-measuring fork.

    1. Yes, we bought it in a local store, ready-marinated, we had no work other than putting it on the grill 🙂 Super delicious. 🙂

      1. Yeah, when it’s just for good, but you still want to grill, no one has time to deal with frickin’ marinating 🙂 I do the same thing, except with propane.

        1. Yep, that’s the point. Deciding to have a barbecue, that often comes spontaneously and then these ready-made things are handy 🙂

    1. We usually do use charcoal too but we had not enough of it anymore. But there is still a lot of wood in the garden we don’t have use for, it would go to the trash anyway. We used some charcoal but more wood, however, not the best idea I guess, even after showering I still smelled like a burning wood pile 🙂

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