Beautiful Feral Pigeon

Feral pigeon close-up photo

Pigeons like to pose for a photo. Ok, I am kidding, most of them are just not afraid to cross the ways of us humans. That is why they are the ideal model for a photographer trying to master the first DSLR camera. They are not hurried, they give you time to take several photos. I like that.

I always thought they look boring, but if you take a look closer with your lens and if you later take a look at the photos, they are actually pretty beautiful in my opinion. In the case of the pigeon in the photo above, I like the red eyes, the red legs and the majestic way they walk. I have some more photos of the same pigeon for you…

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Feral Pigeon

  1. Pigeons also have a lovely sheen to their feathers. I saw a most unusual pigeon last week. We were at a cafe in Salamanca Place in Hobart and I looked up and saw the biggest pigeon I’d ever seen. It was black which I found unusual as most of ours are like the one you photographed. Pigeons and seagulls, while not tame creatures, have little fear of humans. I guess they see us as an easy source of food.

    1. True, if you are on distance, they look boring grey, but if you are closer the beautiful sheen of the feathers becomes apparent.

      Interesting that you saw a black one, we have quite a lot of black ravens, never saw a black pigeon, I am not sure if I would not be able to tell which is which if I would see a black pigeon.

      Yes I think too they see us as the source of food. It gets apparent in the cities, we have pigeons in the districts but much more pigeons in the inner-city where a lot of people throw away pieces of food. It’s as if pigeons are the cleaning army 😀

      1. Yes I know, it’s a long time ago (I think 9 years or so), me and my friends visited a bar and on our way back we wandered over the market in the inner-city, and then we saw a hunter with a rifle shooting in the air.

        Some of us thought this could be a hunter with schizophrenic disorder or something like that (laugh), you never know, I mean who would find a hunter in a city? On the other site it was clear that he was shooting at something in the air and not at people.

        So, one of us was not afraid to ask him what he is up to. He replied “I am shooting pigeons, the pigeon fecals destroy the roofs and we have too much of them, I am ordered by the local authority” and showed us a paper with a permission.

        It seems that there was a problem with pigeons in our city as he said. They ordered the hunters to control the population. Not sure if this is still a thing today.

        I was not sure what I could think about this, we all were not sure. The hunter just told us it’s not killing pigeons for fun, there is a reason. A friend made a point like “Well, if they become a problem?”. I would probably agree if it’s about our all health, but I am not sure if I care that much about damaged roofs 😀 Not sure if it just was about the roofs.

    1. I just discovered this some days ago on Wikipedia. Didn’t expect to find that much informations about pigeons, it’s a complex subject too 😀 Quite a lot of different pigeon or dove species to read about.

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