Pigeon On A Street Light

Above is a shot that I took in 2016 when I saw this pigeon on a street light. I never really decided to upload it because I didn’t really like it due to some issues. But just out of boredom, I edited some of my older images today and decided to try out black and white. This did really hide some of the issues I saw with the image, for the example the fact that it had very boring colours. But as I said often on my blog, and as many other photographers featured out for themselves as well, black … Continue reading Pigeon On A Street Light

A Pigeon On A Field

Even if you can find pigeons everywhere, I still like to take photos of them, because it’s all about practicing. I believe if I take a lot of photos, I can improve my future work, and to me it doesn’t matter how often you can find a subject, I still like to take pictures of them. In the case of my recent pigeon photo, I liked how the pigeon was sitting there lonely on the field. I started to enjoy bird photography, although I do think it can be very challenging if you want to take photos of special birds … Continue reading A Pigeon On A Field

Pigeon Power Napping

I shot the photo of the sleeping pigeon a week ago when I walked through the city. At first I thought the pigeon would have some kind of disease, but when I saw the photo at home, I thought the pigeon does just hold a nap, I’d say a power nap at day time. I saw the bird near a load and busy intersection in the city, I am not sure if it’s the best place to hold a nap, but as you can see, the bird was ok with the place. As I was still confused if the bird … Continue reading Pigeon Power Napping

Beautiful Dove

I shot the photo of this dove a while back. To be honest, I am actually not even sure if it’s a dove, maybe it’s a pigeon, I just know that a dove is exactly the same like a pigeon, and a pigeon exactly the same like a dove, at least here in Germany. For both we have just the name Taube. I assume the bird in the photo is called dove in English, because it’s a white one, I think those that are not white are called pigeon, do I understand this right? Continue reading Beautiful Dove

Beautiful Feral Pigeon

Pigeons like to pose for a photo. Ok, I am kidding, most of them are just not afraid to cross the ways of us humans. That is why they are the ideal model for a photographer trying to master the first DSLR camera. They are not hurried, they give you time to take several photos. I like that. I always thought they look boring, but if you take a look closer with your lens and if you later take a look at the photos, they are actually pretty beautiful in my opinion. In the case of the pigeon in the … Continue reading Beautiful Feral Pigeon