Pigeon Close-Up

Today I did grab the photo gear again and went outside to take more photos. It will probably take months to upload all the photos of the first shooting but I went outside for the second big shooting anyway. I have a lot of fun to take photos with the new camera and it doesn’t really matter when I upload all the images, it’s cool that the photo collection is growing, although I will run out of hard drive space very soon, but I might buy an additional hard drive then. Today I shot all kind of stuff, but also … Continue reading Pigeon Close-Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

For the Weekly Photo Challenge with the motto “On Top” I come up with four images and a gallery. One of the images is very funny because it´s a mouse on the head of my mother’s husband. The other photos are about pigeons that I found outside. One pigeon sits on a sign and then there are two photos with two pigeons on a roof. Here you can see them… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top