Stormy Weather And Summer Days

stormy clouds

The weather is pretty funny at the moment. One day it’s super stormy with heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms, and in-between we have days that are sunny and humid. Right now it’s like alternating between a stormy day, and then a sunny day. Oh, and talking about the humid days, it seems like I am a bit hardened by the last year (the incredibly hot and humid European summer in 2018). I am pretty sure I would already start to complain about the humid weather, but now I know it could be worse. Like a neighbor said when we discussed this “Well, last year it was continuously humid from spring to autumn”. So, at the moment I can still live with it, and apart from that it’s the second or third year where I regularly go jogging, so I am pretty fit at the moment and have a different tolerance now. But then again, I still don’t want to see a summer like in 2018 again.

Talking about the bad weather with heavy rain and thunderstorms, I like that because here in the northern part of Germany, it always happened at regular intervals. But the difference is maybe that when a storm came up back then, the air cooled off, while it today can stay humid during the storm and even warm rain feels a bit outlandish to me. With that said, to me, it also seems like the storms are a lot more violent today and it can go from summer day to stormy day within 5 minutes. You sometimes don’t even know where the clouds come from. In one minute it’s a cloud-free sunny day and you walk into a store, and when you come out of the store the heaven is dark purple, and what was a parking lot in front of the store is now a pond.

Yesterday I visited my mother and we sat on her balcony when a storm came up. It happened that fast, that it appeared unbelievable to me. And then we saw something that we never saw in our lives. The thunderbolts must have been somewhere outside of our city in the south-west direction. What we saw were continuous flashes from the same direction, 10 minutes straight. It was a spectacle. And later when I went home, there were thunderbolts in all directions except here in our city where we just had heavy rain and where we heard the thunder. On my way back home, it was a real light show, but it somehow also looked like the end of the world. If it wouldn’t be so dangerous to use a tripod and camera outside during a storm, you would have gotten awesome photos because the direction didn’t even matter. It was beautiful and awe-inspiring at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather And Summer Days

    1. Yeah, I can not understand how some people deny climate change. But those who don’t deny climate change but that it’s purely human-caused climate change, have some really good points. But I am not a scientist and let them fight it out if it’s mainly human-caused or natural ūüėÄ

    1. It looks a bit like a classical northern summer, because storms have been normal here, but it feels different because of humidity and erratic weather changes and because the storms are a lot louder and more violent. I wouldn’t wonder if we hear about tornados this year. The air sometimes feels like it’s perfect to form tornados where warm air can spiral up and form them. I really wouldn’t wonder if that happens here.

      I like it that some days are rainy now, this is also very classic. I love the rainy smell, and while the rain is sometimes warm, it still gives us a chance to cool down, at least compared to 2018 where we didn’t have this chance lol. I sometimes go jogging in the rain, it feels great to run during rain. I like that.

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