Running Progress

After jogging my jogging tour

I took the snapshot when I was done with my jogging tour. I have a nice belt where I can carry a 0.5 liter bottle of water with me. It’s always my reward when I walk back home, or when I need a sip during the run. Today I ran 4 km without a single break and I think this is pretty good considering that I ran three days in a row. Today my lungs and my heart felt like I could have continued to run forever but my muscles didn’t want it anymore at 4 km and I listen to my body. I also do think that it’s the first time I managed to do a non-stop 4 km run this year. I did it several times last year but this year my progress was a bit slower. But it doesn’t matter to me, because it’s all about sticking with it. And I did that, because it must be the second or third year now. Before that, I didn’t do any exercises since quite some time. But I feel a lot better now with those exercises. I must say I’m feeling fit and somehow running makes you also happy. It somehow keeps me feeling balanced. Currently I go running three times a week, sometimes more or less but on average it’s definitely three times a week. I feel comfortable now.

8 thoughts on “Running Progress

    1. Most of the times I am running through nature or through the parks but this also means I need to walk there first, where I want to run. When I don’t have the time, I am running in the district because then I can start to run immediately. But I really prefer parks or nature with sandy paths.

      To be honest, I actually thought I could never ever do it again either. But I started slowly two or three years ago and did it every year now. It gets better and better.

      Walking is awesome too. I love hiking.

      1. My favorite is walking on the beach barefoot. Walking on soft, uneven surfaces is good exercise for your feet but I don’t get to the beach as much as I used to.

        1. A friend of mine told me this helps improving blood flow. He had to do a health cure and there they did let people run over pebbles. So, I think running barefoot is very good.

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