Running Progress August 2019

As you guys know, I am documenting my jogging progress since I began to run. A month ago I was documenting how I managed to do a non-stop 4 km run. The previous year I managed it to do 5 km but I never could run further than that. But guess what happened today? I ran 6.2 km without a single break. It was a non-stop run and I am super excited about it. It’s a huge milestone because it means now I could basically participate in a 5k run as I broke through 5 km several times and now … Continue reading Running Progress August 2019

Tomatoes and Onions

Like the other day, I managed it again to do 4 km today. Yesterday I didn’t manage it but it was quite humid and I gave up after 3 km. But today it was warm but very windy and this is how summers have been here a long time ago. It’s the fresh breeze that makes it acceptable. So, I put my running clothes on and went outside and I enjoyed the exercise with the wind. When I was done and after the shower, I visited my mother. She cut some tomatoes and onions and we ate them with pepper … Continue reading Tomatoes and Onions

Running Progress

I took the snapshot when I was done with my jogging tour. I have a nice belt where I can carry a 0.5 liter bottle of water with me. It’s always my reward when I walk back home, or when I need a sip during the run. Today I ran 4 km without a single break and I think this is pretty good considering that I ran three days in a row. Today my lungs and my heart felt like I could have continued to run forever but my muscles didn’t want it anymore at 4 km and I listen … Continue reading Running Progress

Happy Places

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge comes with the theme “Happy Place”. I do not think that there is just one single place where I feel relaxed or happy, I know several happy places. My home acts as a safe haven where I can relax, where I can get creative, where I can mute problems, where I can feel happy most of the time. The same counts for the homes of family members, or the homes of close friends. But there is more than just that. I know happy zones outside as well, I do for example enjoy to hike, and … Continue reading Happy Places