Achievement: Jogged Until the end of December

after jogging tour in december

So, I need to pat myself on the back as I achieved something. I’m just happy right now. I liked jogging the last years and each year I achieved new milestones. But most years there was something that did hold me back. Of course, it was the colder season. When it was too cold, I usually stopped jogging and took a break for a few months. I usually stopped running by the end of October or at the beginning of November. But this year I was prepared to run a little longer. I jogged throughout the whole of December as well. I was prepared because I purchased everything I’d need for moderate and cold days. And the December was really choppy as we had alternating temperatures from a few minus degrees up to ten degrees. Honestly, running at ten degrees isn’t really the issue, but running at minus two degrees with wind is another story. So, I got it all, special running gloves, a running scarf, a long-sleeve shirt, and running jackets.

Around ten degrees I just wore a short-sleeve shirt plus running pullover. However, from zero to five degrees I wore a short-sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve shirt on top of it and then a jacked (onion principle). I also wore sweatpants and leggings for runners below it. All things breathable of course, as they’re special clothes for runners. Slightly above freezing point or with a too cold wind, I also wore my new gloves and the scarf to cover the mouth. While I didn’t need it every day, I also thought about January and February because this time I want to attempt to run at least a few times so that my condition doesn’t decrease too much before spring. I don’t want to start at zero again, although, I definitely won’t go running if there is snow or glazed frost as I don’t want to attempt to break my legs. But you get the point. I want to run as much as I can so that I can hold a bit of my condition.

Not sure if I still sound as bold and fearless in January or February. But then again, why not attempt it? At least I am quite a bit better prepared with my running clothes this time. But I am pretty happy that I still go jogging. I started with it in June 2017 and now it’s December 2019. So, sticking with it for 3 years is a really great achievement as well. I just experienced and understood that running is very good for my wellbeing, especially as I am an anxiety and depression veteran. While I found a lot of strategies to keep the symptoms at bay, I’d say exercising is the final nail in the coffin for my diseases. Exercising is so effective that it’s really kicking the ass of the anxiety and depression devil in my head.

But apart from that, there are so many other advantages, like getting a better figure, becoming fitter each month, getting stronger, building up self-confidence and becoming aware again of your own willpower, persistence, and endurance. You become aware again that you can make changes, not next year but right now. Alltogether, it makes you happier, healthier and confident. This was a great running year and I am proud that I’ve done it again. Especially as it wasn’t the easiest year, as I battled with new but minor health issues that were annoying anyway. But I ran throughout and I think this is the way to go. You never know what is on the horizon but as long as I still can, I want to stay active because as I said, I realized the effects of exercises are much greater than I previously thought.

4 thoughts on “Achievement: Jogged Until the end of December

  1. Fantastic to read this Dennis. Great work. I’ve been slack with my running in the past but vividly remember running up a mountain from the ski village in Andorra where I lived, in a mild blizzard. Harrowing stuff but man you feel amazing afterwards—a lot like conquering the world!

    1. Running up a mountain sounds interesting! Yes, now with the right clothes, I actually like to run when it goes to zero degrees or below that. But December is still mild compared to how a January or February can be… not sure if the winter will stay mild or if it will get really cold… but let’s see what I will say then. 🙂 But I really try to hold a bit of my condition so that I have a better start next spring 🙂

      Yes, the feeling after running is always great. It makes me feel super active and alive. And in the evening it helps me to fall asleep and sleep through.

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