Tomatoes and Onions

tomatoes and onions

Like the other day, I managed it again to do 4 km today. Yesterday I didn’t manage it but it was quite humid and I gave up after 3 km. But today it was warm but very windy and this is how summers have been here a long time ago. It’s the fresh breeze that makes it acceptable. So, I put my running clothes on and went outside and I enjoyed the exercise with the wind. When I was done and after the shower, I visited my mother. She cut some tomatoes and onions and we ate them with pepper and salt. So, I’d say it was basically a salad without oil and dressing but you don’t always need that. I also enjoy eating just vegetables with a bit of pepper and salt. It was a great day.

3 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Onions

    1. Yes, now I really get this. I started 2 or almost 3 years ago. It turned into a habit. Back then I thought exercise is torture, but now I can’t without. I am always feeling like freshly born after a run, and pretty energized. I did some lifestyle changes back then, and now I can really say it was the best thing to do. 🙂

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