New Running Accessories And Clothes

As I mentioned in another post, I am running again because I think a little bit more sport is good. So, I found an old running shorts in one of my cabinets a week ago and started to run. However, I didn’t like the shorts and my shirts for the running. I know it’s not a fashion show, but I want to look good or at least I want to like myself in the clothes, that’s vanity. But a much bigger problem was that I had to leave my smartphone at home, and I had to hold my keys in the hands all the time while running because I feared that I could lose them.

Here is something I don’t do often, I dislike to open my money-box for something other than what I save for. Anyway, I really want to run and I did at least want to do this in a nice looking running or training pants. I opened the website of one of the local sport outfitter’s and found out that they have some cool looking Adidas and Nike trousers and almost all of them were reduced and would not cost much more than €35 and I thought that would be a nice deal, and thus it became my budget in theory. I opened my money-box and took €50, just in case and then I went to the store.

Of course, as always they did not have what I wanted but they could order it for me. But in these cases my standard reply is “Of course you can do, but I could do that too”. I mean, why would I want them to order it for me, I would have to go to the store again and instead I just could order it somewhere online and it would be delivered to my home. But I don’t give up that fast, I was in the store and tried different Adidas and Nike pants but also one label that I didn’t know, they were called Domyos but with €15 really cheap. Now I went to the fitting room with a handful of different pants.

Some were ok, others not my taste but then I tried the pants with the label Domyos, looked into the mirror and thought “What the f…, this looks really good!”. It’s always a matter of taste, but for my personal opinion this cheap model blew all Adidas and Nike pants out of the water, visually. Not only this, it had more features like areas with air holes, zipper pockets and so on. No matter what, I simply liked the €15 pants more and wanted to purchase it without hesitation. So, almost on the way to the cash point, I realized that I would basically save €15 since my budget was set to €30. Could I find something else for the remaining €15?

Running shirt and training pants

I went back to the running equipment to take a look if I can find some accessories. I remembered how I hated it to run without water and with the keys always in my hands. I found a belt for a water bottle, it would cost €3.99, what a no-brainer. I tried to feature out how this thing works, but then I understood and it was clear this would hold really well. The keys and my smartphone in the mind I wondered if I could find a belt for it too and yes there was one for €8.99 in a real minimalist or flat style, and it still wouldn’t kill my set budget. Finally I found a nice running shirt for €3.49, these accessories were all from the label Kalenji. At the cash point I paid €31.47 for all of it, that was really just slightly above my budget.

Running Equipment

So, considering that I went to the store with the idea to get a running pants for €30, I was smiling like a child when I left the store. I did not just get a running pants for the €30, I got a whole running set, accessories and clothes. The store was far away from my apartment, but as usually I am not afraid to hike. That means I was already a bit sweating when I came back home but I was also curious and wanted to test my running gear. I went outside to run for an hour and I am really happy with what I have bought. I don’t even notice the water bottle while I run. Same for the other belt where I can hide my smartphone and keys.

I was extremely happy today because this is much more motivating now, I can drink water on the way and I won’t lose my keys or the phone. Apart from that, I was happy because it seems that my stamina improved already a little bit. Again I came back home with a really nice feeling, the running really makes me feel good afterwards. Arrived at home I did my set of push-ups that I do often, but this time I also did not forget sit-ups. That was a really good day, I kept my motivation.

2 thoughts on “New Running Accessories And Clothes

    1. Yes 🙂 After running today, I can say the pants and the shirt are very comfortable. And with the waterbottle holder that I can use for a 0.5L or a 0.75L bottle I can run more now. The smartphone and key belt is awesome too. Now I can concentrate on the running.

      I won’t spend more money this month, but next month I maybe plan to purchase headphones that I can use for running. The headphone that came with my smartphone always falls out of my ear and is not good for running 😀 I also want to buy dumbbells for hometraining again, I don’t have some anymore. 🙂

      About running again, I like that my stamina increases, today it didn’t feel like a job anymore… I can still improve this but it already feels better with each run. And as said, a big plus is that I feel so good after running 🙂 I think it was a good decision to start running again.

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