Stormy Weather And Summer Days

The weather is pretty funny at the moment. One day it’s super stormy with heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms, and in-between we have days that are sunny and humid. Right now it’s like alternating between a stormy day, and then a sunny day. Oh, and talking about the humid days, it seems like I am a bit hardened by the last year (the incredibly hot and humid European summer in 2018). I am pretty sure I would already start to complain about the humid weather, but now I know it could be worse. Like a neighbor said when we discussed … Continue reading Stormy Weather And Summer Days

It Cooled Down

Don’t mind the bad smartphone snapshot above, I’m just using it because it fits to what I want to say. I shot the photo days ago. It actually cooled down over the weekend and we had it a bit stormy. This was long-awaited and everyone was happy about it, including myself. Today was a bit humid again for two hours, so it might be that the horror heat wave will come back. I hope not. But this weekend was very cool, literally. At home it’s now bearable too, because now I could air thoroughly. I used the time to play … Continue reading It Cooled Down

Beautiful Sky

I shot the photo above in 2016 and I probably didn’t upload it because I have way too many photos, and I can’t upload them at the same time. The photo was shot at 75mm and I was mainly interested to highlight the sunbeams that come down from the dark clouds. The original did look already pretty good, but I boosted the colors and levels a bit to make the sunbeams even pop out further. I also made the clouds a bit darker. I am pretty happy with the result. I hope you like the picture. Continue reading Beautiful Sky

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about light sources that make things visible. I first thought to come up with a photo of a spider web, because most often you can just see them if they are highlighted by the sunshine. I also thought about small streams in a forest, they are not always visible through the bush but when there is light shining into the forest, they stand out. But then I found the image that you can see in this post. It’s about a light source, about sunshine. You can not always see sunbeams, but sometimes they become … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Bad Summer Weather

This here is less of a photo post, which means it is not a photo that is special or so. However, it shows very well how the majority of summer days this year look like in Northern Germany. I wish I could get more out to take photos, although I have still plenty of photos that I didn’t upload yet. But wandering with the camera is so much fun, it’s just that I don’t want to risk it too often with the new camera. I have a camera bag, but it’s not the best bag for rain protection. Using the … Continue reading Bad Summer Weather