Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine


The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about light sources that make things visible. I first thought to come up with a photo of a spider web, because most often you can just see them if they are highlighted by the sunshine. I also thought about small streams in a forest, they are not always visible through the bush but when there is light shining into the forest, they stand out. But then I found the image that you can see in this post. It’s about a light source, about sunshine. You can not always see sunbeams, but sometimes they become visible. This is my idea about the challenge!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

    1. Hi Macro, you might want to subscribe to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/ to get regular updates on the challenges. This is an official blog from WordPress that was created to inspire us users. They offer daily writing promt challenges and weekly photo challenges. I usually skip everything except for the photo challenge themes that they publish each Friday: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/

      When you have a photo that you think might fit to the most recent challenge, you have to do the following:

      – Tag you post with these two tags “postaday” and “weekly photo challenge”, this is so that other participants find your entry with the reader.
      – In you challenge entry post on your blog, link to the recent challenge like I did. In this case it would be linking to this post: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/shine/ This is important because on this way they will list your blog in the response section below the challenge post.
      – Publish and be curious about next Friday 🙂

      In my opinion it’s a great way to give your photos some love that you otherwise wouldn’t upload. My cloud and sunbeam photo for example, I wouldn’t know how to tell readers why I do upload the photo, but these challenges give certain photos a purpose. And not only this, you might start to appreciate your own work and find out why less common photos might be interesting too, as the one I used for this weeks challenge. In some cases when you don’t have something in your library that fits, it even makes you go out to take a photo for the challenge.

      You don’t have to participate on Fridays, you can also do it one day later or in the week. But of course, it’s best to do it right away when the post is fresh. I hope this helps. It’s really fun!

      1. Thank you very much for the information! 🙂 I have one more question: If i participate, is it a must then to post a photo every week or can i skip now and then?

        1. It’s absolutely your own choice. You can participate one week and skip other ones. I do only participate if the theme interests me, or if I have something to offer that fits to the weeks challenge. 🙂 It’s not there to force you to anything, it’s rather there to inspire you and to connect photographers as they can take a look at each others photos if they like to do so.

      2. Hey Dennis, sorry for asking again I made a post for this weeks photo challenge. You wrote that i have to link it to the recent post, but i don’t know how…

        1. Don’t worry, feel free to ask questions whenever something is unclear about blogging. I got a lot of help in the past too and gladly give back.

          I’d write a small sentence or something below your photo and that it is your entry to the weekly photo challenge. Then you can mark your words “Weekly Photo Challenge” within your post and click on the editor button that says “insert/edit link”. In the the small window that pops up, you just have to paste the link to the recent challenge into the “URL” field and click on “add link”. You might also want to mark the check box “Open link in a new window/tab” because on this way it will open a new tab when someone clicks the link, and your site will stay open.

          As the link url you use this link: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/shine/ and of course next week if you want to participate you link to the most recent and new challenge. I hope this helps? Otherwise feel free to ask me.

        2. Also I noticed that you did something wrong with your tags. I see you have two tags added. One very long tag “dpchallenge-photo-challenge-weekly-photo-challenge-photography” and a short one that is called “shine”. For some reason the long tag is not divided into single tags, but the “shine” tag is. I assume you wanted to tag your post “dpchallenge”, “photo challenge”, “weekly photo challenge”, “shine” and “photography”. To do this, type each word into the tag field and separate them with a comma. Or type and add them individually one by one. I think this is something you need to check, because to me it seems that there is something wrong, the one tag shouldn’t be combined and so long. 🙂

          To explain further, in case I constantly write articles with the tag “photos”, the photo posts will all be visible on this page: https://diaryofdennis.com/tag/photos/ each post is an individual entry in this tag section called “photos”.

          You have an indivifual tag here too, with “shine” you did it right: https://marcokiel.wordpress.com/tag/shine/
          But something is wrong with this one, because a lot of combined words: https://marcokiel.wordpress.com/tag/dpchallenge-photo-challenge-weekly-photo-challenge-photography/

        3. I know how to set tags from Flickr and did it, like you described it. I repeated it 3 times, but the result was the same. There was only this one long tag and one extra. Maybe i am to stupid, but WordPress is not very easy to use. Thank you for your patient. 😉

        4. When I type “photos,” followed by hitting spacebar in the tag field, it’s converted into a blue word with an “x” that I could use to remove the tag. Does this happen in your case? Don’t chose from the list of already created tags, because the wrong long tag might already be in this list. Here is the official WordPress guide about tagging: https://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/tags/ Maybe this helps? The guide also explains how you can edit or remove previously used tags. This might be something that you could already try too later as the long tag is wrong anyway.

          There was a much better editor in the past, at least in my opinion. It’s still possible to access the old editor with some workarounds, which is why many still use it. Usually I would suggest you to use the good old classic editor instead of the new one: https://diaryofdennis.com/2015/03/24/how-to-force-a-redirect-to-the-classic-wordpress-com-editor-interface/ but you should maybe take a look at this at a later point, to not make it more complicated now.

          Just for my information and related to your tag issue. Are you working on a notebook/destop or do you use a smartphone and their app to craft a post? I am just asking because I am working on a desktop pc, and of course the whole process could be very different if you use the WordPress app.

    2. To add a few points why it might be a good idea to participate. Back then when I started my blog, nobody ever noticed my posts… but with these challenges you can get your first followers, maybe some comments, or people to look at your photos. Mainly because if you do everything right, they will add your post below their challenge post. Also it works up your writing or publishing habit. Since then I am still sometimes participating each Friday, mainly because it’s fun to let others decide for a theme, because usually that’s what I decide, what kind of photo I do upload. But this turns it around 🙂

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