Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

Today when I got the notification of the recent WordPress Photo Challenge, I actually thought it would be about the game World of Warcraft. If you ever played the game, you understand why I thought that. If you didn’t play the game, it’s because transmogrification was a feature released with the patch “Hour of Twilight”. I liked the feature a lot, because player characters could basically visit a transmogrifier to change the appearance of the character, and you could say it was something like a wardrobe feature in the game.

Enough talk about World of Warcraft, I just mentioned it because the recent photo challenge title made me think about the game and confused me. Now let’s talk about photography. First of all, I like the “Transmogrify” theme of the recent challenge, because it makes me curious to visit all the other bloggers and photographers to see what they come up with. I will participate with a photo of an abandoned objects that is retaken by the nature. If you leave or abandon a place, the remaining stuff will get “transmogrified” by the nature. That’s why I think my photo fits to the challenge theme…


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

  1. No one was really inspired by this particular challenge. i think it’s too “intellectual” and insufficiently visual. photography is, after all, a visual medium. That being said, that’s a great repurposing of an item.

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