First Long Hike This Year

Yesterday was a sunny day, and it was expected that the weather would be good today too. Well, today it was not very sunny and still cold, but the weather was good enough to convince me to go for a long hike. I packed my camera into the bag and visited my grandma, and after “Kaffee und Kuchen” I started my hike. I didn’t have something special in my mind, I just wanted to get out of the city and randomly decided which direction to go. I left the city on the north-west side because that is where I would … Continue reading First Long Hike This Year

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about light sources that make things visible. I first thought to come up with a photo of a spider web, because most often you can just see them if they are highlighted by the sunshine. I also thought about small streams in a forest, they are not always visible through the bush but when there is light shining into the forest, they stand out. But then I found the image that you can see in this post. It’s about a light source, about sunshine. You can not always see sunbeams, but sometimes they become … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This photo is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge Reflection. I usually would say it is a bad image as I shot directly into the direction of the sun but the sun reflection on the water looks somewhat cool as effect. It fits at least to the recent challenge. I took the image when we were on the River in Salem last year. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Slowed down a little bit…

I slowed down my publishing tempo a little bit the last weeks and there are some reasons for it. First of all I wanted to be easy with my left hand for a while. I had a strange problem with my left hand. My left hand felt one day suddenly numb. I mean my thumb felt numb and the hand and arm like if I would have a muscle ache. Soon I noticed that I can´t even hold a one liter water bottle straight in my left hand anymore. When I did try it, it didn´t even hurt.. it was … Continue reading Slowed down a little bit…

Just a Photo of a small German Forest in Mölln

I took this Photo in Mölln. It is one of the Photos I took near the Animal Park there I mentioned on the Blog. I do like how all the Moss and Grass is still growing under the Trees. There is still a lot Light of the Sun going through the Branches of the Trees which makes the Photo interesting too. I like the Nature there pretty much. The Nature looks pretty fresh and healthy in my Opinion. Continue reading Just a Photo of a small German Forest in Mölln