First Long Hike This Year

Yesterday was a sunny day, and it was expected that the weather would be good today too. Well, today it was not very sunny and still cold, but the weather was good enough to convince me to go for a long hike. I packed my camera into the bag and visited my grandma, and after “Kaffee und Kuchen” I started my hike. I didn’t have something special in my mind, I just wanted to get out of the city and randomly decided which direction to go. I left the city on the north-west side because that is where I would expect to find deer. When I was still in the outer part of the city, I looked for birds because there are some beautiful parks, but I sadly had not much luck to take nice bird photos because they were incredible shy today. Outside of the city I could spot deer, but excuse the crop, it was far away…

I noticed that I got the idea with the hike a bit late, and as soon as I was outside of the city, the sun started to set. It was beautiful anyway, but still a bit fresh but overall I felt warm because I hiked a long distance. As always, when I arrive at home after a long hike, I am curious how long the distance was. Google Maps has a measure tool, I use this one to draw the whole path of my hike and that’s why I know I hiked 17 kilometers today. Not my record, but still quite a distance. I believe my longest hike was something like 22 or 25 kilometers. Anyway, when you don’t hike a lot during winter, you’re not in practice and that’s what I really felt today. Arrived at home I was ravenously hungry, and apart from that I had difficulties to walk, stay or sit (laugh). I wonder how much calories I burned, but since I ate a hefty meal afterwards it can’t be a lot. Anyway, a long hike is always good, the days after I will feel very good.

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