It Cooled Down

stormy clouds

Don’t mind the bad smartphone snapshot above, I’m just using it because it fits to what I want to say. I shot the photo days ago. It actually cooled down over the weekend and we had it a bit stormy. This was long-awaited and everyone was happy about it, including myself. Today was a bit humid again for two hours, so it might be that the horror heat wave will come back. I hope not. But this weekend was very cool, literally.

At home it’s now bearable too, because now I could air thoroughly. I used the time to play with my guitars, because even that was very exhausting during the heat wave. Apart from that I research a bit about products that I am interested to purchase in the future. And in the evenings I met my friends online via Teamspeak, and we played the racing game F1 2017 together. My cat Shyna seemed to be happy about the stormy weather too.

I know, cats can bear with heat, but I still think it’s different for cats that are used to German climate. She was most of the time under my bed when it was that hot, but now that it cooled off, she’s actually walking through the apartment again. That was the clearest sign that she didn’t like the subtropical climate either. She basically disappeared, and there was no furball near me, but now she’s up for shenanigans again. Yes, that’s it, my cat hates subtropical climate as well, and I can totally understand it.

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