Relaxed Cat

Relaxed Cat

Above is a snapshot that I shot a couple of days ago with my phone. I was relaxing on my couch, and Shyna did the same but on the backrest of the couch. I sometimes find it very funny in what type of positions she can rest. I think cats can make use of any space, no matter if it’s a tiny cardboard, a small backrest and so on. It doesn’t matter for them, they feel comfy everywhere.

10 thoughts on “Relaxed Cat

  1. That was a favourite spot of Polly’s as a kitten but my couch and armchair backs are big cushions not attached to the frame. As she got bigger and heavier they started to sag under her weight but she still thought she was light as a feather and could sleep there. She doesn’t do it so much now but the cushions have never been the same.

    1. I find it funny how they can sleep everywhere or how they chose their favorite places 🙂 I have a basket for Shyna, but that’s not her favorite place… she prefers the furniture for humans.

      1. If it is good enough for us it’s good enough for them. I bought an igloo basket for Polly but she won’t use it. She likes an armchair, Cindy’s bed or a cushion inside the cupboard where I keep towels and sheets.

        1. That’s so true. Almost every cat furtniture I bought for Shyna was rejected by her, except maybe scratchers. Even when it’s about toys. She’d rather play with a crumpled-up envelope or sandwitch bag, but never really with toys from the pet store. Just recently when I bought my last guitar, there was a small plastic pad (that secured the guitar neck in the packaging)… I had that thing on the table and Shyna took it with her paw and played with it.

          But that’s not too bad considering how expensive cat toys are… 🙂 I am actually thankful if she prefers common things 😀

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