Comfortable Living

Above is a snapshot of my cat Shyna that I took yesterday with my Samsung Galaxy tablet. We both were relaxing on the couch and I watched YouTube videos on my TV while Shyna was slowly falling asleep. Here is a question for those with cats. Have you noticed this too? Does the purring sound make you very relaxed and sometimes very tired too? If I listen long enough to the purring of Shyna, I fall asleep too. I believe there is something about this frequency that makes me very tired. Have you noticed the same too? Continue reading Comfortable Living

Relaxed Cat

Above is a snapshot that I shot a couple of days ago with my phone. I was relaxing on my couch, and Shyna did the same but on the backrest of the couch. I sometimes find it very funny in what type of positions she can rest. I think cats can make use of any space, no matter if it’s a tiny cardboard, a small backrest and so on. It doesn’t matter for them, they feel comfy everywhere. Continue reading Relaxed Cat

My Cat Loves Soft And Relaxing Music

If you wonder why I took a photo of my cat beside headphones, there is a simple and funny explanation. Believe it or not, my cat loves music, but only relaxing and soft music. I discovered this a while back when I did throw my headphones on my couch as I had to answer a phone call, and meanwhile my cat jumped on the couch to listen to the piano music that came from the headphones. At first I thought it would just be cat’s curiosity, but she did rub her nose and fur on the headphones, similar to when … Continue reading My Cat Loves Soft And Relaxing Music

11 Miles Hike

We had a lot of rain over the last weeks, not the perfect weather to go out and to take photos, but the last two days were good. Yesterday, I checked the weather report online, because the previous day was already good, and it seemed it would be the perfect day for a hike. I was right, and I am glad I used the chance, because the weather will get worse again as it seems. I started my hike in the morning so that I could see the sunrise in the forest, and I heard the early birds chirping around … Continue reading 11 Miles Hike

Forest Path

Going through a forest is something very relaxing. Hearing nothing else than the branches and the wood in the wind, hearing the crows and many other birds and animals, that is absolutely enjoyable. I shot the photo above early in the morning when I was wandering around a pond. The trail led me through a forest on the other side of the pond.  If you take the trails where I am right now, you get a mixed view of fields, waters and forests. I am surprised how many birds there are, especially many little ones, but I had no luck … Continue reading Forest Path