Bad Summer Weather

Dark clouds and bad weather

This here is less of a photo post, which means it is not a photo that is special or so. However, it shows very well how the majority of summer days this year look like in Northern Germany. I wish I could get more out to take photos, although I have still plenty of photos that I didn’t upload yet.

But wandering with the camera is so much fun, it’s just that I don’t want to risk it too often with the new camera. I have a camera bag, but it’s not the best bag for rain protection. Using the camera in rain is probably a bad idea too, and I don’t know what Nikon understands of “weather and dust sealing” in the description of the D7100… I don’t want to try out unless it’s just a short soft rain.

6 thoughts on “Bad Summer Weather

  1. WHOA!!! Right now I’m visiting in southern California, which is in the 4th (count ’em–4!!) year of draught. We’re using the dish rinse water and the baby’s bath water to attempt keeping the tomato plants alive. Perspective, I guess. Really nice moody picture.

  2. I have the same concerns. I do have a camera bag with a built in “rain cover,” but keeping a plastic bag handy is also a good idea. Unless it is one of the special “tough” cameras designed to be dust and waterproof, I feel safer protecting my equipment.

    1. I also have a plastic bag with me in the camera bag as additional protection if a hard rain does surprise me. On this way I could put the camera in the plastic bag and then into the camera bag. I think too that this is a very good idea.

      Talking about my D7100, I saw forum posts where people said they used the camera in heavy rain several times and the camera survived it, others mention that their D7100 was damaged after just one rain.

      Also it depends on the lens as well. I am that brave to use my camera in drizzle, but as soon as I see real rain drops on my lens and camera, I put the camera back to the bag. You can suck in rain drops with the zoom of the lens, that alone can probably do damage to the lens, I am not sure. Also some lenses have no rubber coating where you connect it to the camera (my kit lens doesn’t). I also see weak points on the camera as the microphone holes and so on.

      I can not always afford a new camera, so, yes… I think we should be a little paranoid to protect our gear 🙂 Overall I will treat my camera hard, they are made to be used.. I just don’t want to mess with water 🙂

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