Bad Summer Weather

This here is less of a photo post, which means it is not a photo that is special or so. However, it shows very well how the majority of summer days this year look like in Northern Germany. I wish I could get more out to take photos, although I have still plenty of photos that I didn’t upload yet. But wandering with the camera is so much fun, it’s just that I don’t want to risk it too often with the new camera. I have a camera bag, but it’s not the best bag for rain protection. Using the … Continue reading Bad Summer Weather

After 900 Shots I Can Say This Camera Is Impressive

I have my D7100 since yesterday, but I didn’t really do much with it yesterday apart from trying buttons and reading a little bit in the manual. I only shot my first photos in the automatic mode, I showed two of them here and here. Some hours later it was too dark to take more photos. I know, the D7100 can also be used if it is darker, but without tripod this is probably very difficult, and apart from that I have not the experience yet to do these shots. But I was very curios and excited in the evening, … Continue reading After 900 Shots I Can Say This Camera Is Impressive

Funny Test Shot And My First Impressions With The D7100

I was the whole afternoon at home, experimenting with my new Nikon D7100. After some time I had the basics down. I first had to learn how to mount the lens to the camera, I also did put my UV filter on the lens as protection, and then the lens hood but all that was easy. A much bigger challenge was to attach the strap to the camera but after a while I featured out how it works. There are a hell of a lot of buttons on the camera. It took me a while to understand some basic buttons … Continue reading Funny Test Shot And My First Impressions With The D7100

Finally, My First DSLR…

A small update here. Some of you know that I did fight with myself if I should buy the new Nikon D7200 or the D7100. To be honest, I had already headache because of too much thinking. Today I decided to buy the D7100. This camera was price reduced due to the D7200 release and I had the budget for it. I now had some savings leftover that I could use to get me a camera bag and other stuff, and then I still have money that I can use elsewhere. I decided that this camera should be enough for … Continue reading Finally, My First DSLR…

My Disappointment About The Missing D7200 Tilt Screen

So, after the official Nikon D7200 announcement, it gets a little bit more complicated when I think about my purchase decision. As mentioned earlier, I basically have the budget for the D7100 but waited for the D7200 announcement as I think there are some missing features when it comes to the D7100. I assumed that the D7200 will be released with the missing features. I was partly right, because the D7200 will come with built-in WiFi and NFC. However, I expected that the D7200 will come with another nifty upgrade, a tilt screen, but I was wrong. As mentioned in … Continue reading My Disappointment About The Missing D7200 Tilt Screen

Saved For The D7100 But Waiting For The D7200

As I mentioned a while ago, I was saving money to buy me a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera. Some time passed and I reached my goal now, I could now buy the Nikon D7100 with the 18-105mm VR kit lense. After watching all kind of lense reviews, I thought that the 18-105mm VR lense is not that great, but as I would be a DSLR beginner, it should just be ok to learn more about the camera and until I would decide to buy a better lense. However, now there are rumors that Nikon might announce the D7200 in some … Continue reading Saved For The D7100 But Waiting For The D7200