Saved For The D7100 But Waiting For The D7200

As I mentioned a while ago, I was saving money to buy me a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera. Some time passed and I reached my goal now, I could now buy the Nikon D7100 with the 18-105mm VR kit lense. After watching all kind of lense reviews, I thought that the 18-105mm VR lense is not that great, but as I would be a DSLR beginner, it should just be ok to learn more about the camera and until I would decide to buy a better lense.

However, now there are rumors that Nikon might announce the D7200 in some weeks. I assumed that this could happen as I have read a lot and while the D7100 is really good according to several reviews, I miss some features and I mentioned it a while ago on my blog.

The problem I see is that if I buy a €1000 camera, I demand a little bit more. The camera should have built-in Wi-Fi, I know you can buy an Wi-Fi adapter for the D7100, however, it would be much greater if it would be built-in. If the Nikon D7200 rumors are true, this camera will be a very interesting successor as it would be probably released with some modern features as built-in Wi-Fi.

Same for the articulating screen, I am not really sure why the D7100 has no tilt screen, but the D7200 would probably be released with a tilt screen and that makes the camera interesting. Not sure if I would use it a lot, but I can think of many situations where I would use it, including flower or macro photography, pet photography and anything where you would have your camera near the ground.

I don’t want to expand the subject in this post, if the rumors about the D7200 are true, this camera will most likely also be released with some other technical improvements. I know, I know, there will always come out new cameras and things move forward, however, in this case there are some essential things that I would demand from a semi-professional camera, including an articulating screen, or built-in WiFi and so on. That is my point.

I think I will wait a little to check out if the D7200 rumors come true and if Nikon will announce this camera this February as mentioned in my article about the Nikon D7200 rumors. If it comes true, the camera will probably cost more than the D7100, however, I shouldn’t be too much off with my savings. I will wait this February to find out more.

4 thoughts on “Saved For The D7100 But Waiting For The D7200

    1. I am usually very satisfied with what I buy, it’s just that I ask myself what I demand from a product. Generally I think the D7100 is a very good camera, however, even before the D7200 rumors came, I asked myself why the heck the D7100 has no built-in WiFi, no swivel screen and some other things that should be common for a semi-professional camera. I assumed there will be an upgrade, probably called D7200, now there are the rumors and let’s see if it comes true. I am patient and wait for the announcement, to be more satisfied, because for me these features are quite important.

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