If You Wait For The D7200 Announcement Too, You Need To Be Patient And Prepare To Be Disappointed

D7200 to be released soon?

When I use the word “disappointed” in the title, then because it could also happen that Nikon won’t announce the D7200 but instead another High-End-DSLR camera above the D7xxx specs and in this case above that price range.

You can find all kind of speculation in internet forums and on other blogs. Some people think that Nikon will of course announce the D7200, others discuss about a more expansive Nikon D9300 and some do even think that this camera could also be the long-awaited D400.

Do go on with the speculation, it could be both true or it could be both wrong. Maybe Nikon will announce the D400 and D7200, or maybe just one of them. Just to say it again, everything you find at the moment is pure speculation until Nikon comes up with some news.

However, there are these leaked documents that indicate that Nikon could announce the D7200 anytime soon, it’s just that people thought it would happen at the CP+ exhibition in Japan, but this didn’t happen.

The exhibition ended without any announcements about a D7200. The next idea was that Nikon could announce the camera on February 20, but since that date is past too, it seems interested people need to stay patient.

It’s soon March, and the next theory could be that we will hear an official announcement in March, but then again, its pure speculation until we hear something from Nikon. If you wait for the D7200 announcement, you are not the only one.

6 thoughts on “If You Wait For The D7200 Announcement Too, You Need To Be Patient And Prepare To Be Disappointed

  1. It’s the same as computer Hardware: waiting for the latest pieace of hardware is useless because you’ll end up in a constant “waiting” condition.
    I don’t know your photographer skills but 3 years ago i was in your same situation, struggling between 7100 or 5100.
    Since i was starting from scratch i decided to move on the lower-budget camera, just in the case i was bored of the Reflex world. Nowadays i’m using my D5100 and the more i shot the more i get beautifull photos.

    Your situation is a little bit different because you can buy now a 3 years old camera model risking to see on the shelves the new model after 2 weeks 🙂

    1. Yes, this is the problem right now… I would agree with you but I do more agree with your last sentence because if the rumors are true and if you bought an D7100 weeks ago before the D7200 announcement, it would be really really bad. 🙂 Ok the announcement and the release date are two different things as well. Could still take months after the announcement, but I am rather patient now. 🙂

      I have the money saved for the D7100, overall it has specs that I like. I loved the reviews of this camera, however, this thing needs an upgrade, which is why I wait for the D7200. The D7100 has no tilt screen, no build in wifi to name a few example and that makes the camera rather oldish and less attractive. You D5100 has this flip screen for example I think.

      So, yea, my situation is rather one of these where patience is needed 😀

    1. Congrats 😀 That lovely thing is above my savings imo 😀 Would be possible too if the the D7200 announcement never happens… if Nikon waits several months now, I probably piled up so much that I could also go one step further 😀 It all depends on Nikon, and I am very patient.

      1. Yep, patience is the key for both, waiting for a release date and saving money. It seems you knew very well about your demands too as you are glad with the camera now.

        That’s what I love about the internet, you can do really go through all the reviews, or read about speculations, and then you do the math to be able to grab your product once it appears in the goods shelf or once you have the money together 😀

        I think you can not make decisions in days, and I experienced those who do, they are often very unhappy after a purchase. I’m glad you know what you want! I wish you much fun with your D750 🙂 I still need to be brave with my 60 dollar digital camera and my smartphone until I can enjoy photography with less limits 😀 Time will do!

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