Funny Test Shot And My First Impressions With The D7100

I was the whole afternoon at home, experimenting with my new Nikon D7100. After some time I had the basics down. I first had to learn how to mount the lens to the camera, I also did put my UV filter on the lens as protection, and then the lens hood but all that was easy. A much bigger challenge was to attach the strap to the camera but after a while I featured out how it works.

There are a hell of a lot of buttons on the camera. It took me a while to understand some basic buttons but to be honest, I still don’t understand most of them and it will take some time. I learned how to format the SD card through the menu, but then I noticed tons of other entries in the menu that I didn’t want to touch yet. Everything at the proper time.

It was more essential to me to find out how I can take pictures and I also looked through the viewfinder because I was very curious what kind of difference it would make if I change the focal length of the kit lens. My kit lens goes from 18mm to 105mm and I started to prefer to set the lens close to 105mm. That seemed to be very suitable for closer shots of my cat Shyna. As I was inside where it is very boring, she was the only interesting subject and had to serve as model.

My first images looked very blurry but after reading some more pages in the manual, I noticed that I can hold the trigger button and the camera would focus automatically. At least if I have auto focus enabled. Then I learned how to manually focus, that is pretty much fun too and I am sure this will be very handy.

The camera was set to auto mode, so that the camera would decide for all parameters. I didn’t want to try out to set all things manually as I am still new to this. With this mode I started to shoot several photos. I’d say most of the photos were not really great, but I was still practicing. One of the reasons why I wanted to have a DSLR, was the shutter speed and fast focusing, the D7100 works like butter and it is really fun.

That means I have now much more possibilities. You don’t miss anything, with my digital camera it would take time until the shot would happen due to slow focusing, but this is not really a problem with a DSLR. It’s a hell of fun because you can really get the image in the moment you want and you get funny results…

One of the test shots with the D7100

To be honest, I just shot several images while my cat was eating. I wouldn’t say that the image above is super great, but I like that you can freeze the moment due to the fast camera. In this case she munched, which is why you see her tongue twisted in her mouth. Freezing the moment, that is something I really missed when I shot with my point and shoot. Now with the DSLR, I think there will be some funny results in the future.

Another thing, but I have no example uploaded yet, is that the images are in such a high-resolution and even if you crop parts of the image there will be still so much details. As someone who likes to fiddle with Photoshop, that is something I really needed. Even if you zoom deep into the image, there is so much detail and everything is sharp, I love that! I think I should create a Flickr account so that I can save the high-resolution files there, because they are big and I don’t want to fill up the web space of my blog too fast, for my blog I have to resize images but embedding them from Flickr would be a solution.

So, after this day I can say the camera is already fun. I am very interested to learn how to control this camera without auto mode. I don’t regret that I bought the camera, but talking about the 18-105mm kit lens, it’s not really an impressive lens but I was aware about this before I bought the camera kit. I think it is a good lens to practice but I will purchase a prime lens once I understand the camera completely. You don’t really get depth of field with this lens but that is something I really would like. I need a lens that makes good bokeh effects. I am also very interested in a macro lens to make extreme close-up shots of flowers and insects but I will upgrade things over time as all this will cost money. Now I am just happy that I have a camera that I can build up on in the future.

12 thoughts on “Funny Test Shot And My First Impressions With The D7100

  1. Congratulations to your new camera. The D7100 was a camera I had considered once, quite some time ago, to replace my aging D70s. There’s just one item missing with that camera, as is with the brand-new D7200, and that is a moveable monitor, like e.g. the much cheaper D5300 has. There are (quite a few) situations in which I can’t get the perspective I want because I can neither look through the optical viewfinder nor look at the monitor since I’m no contortionist. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If the D7100 had had that feature I would very likely have bought it. Well, maybe, at some time, I’ll buy the new D7200, especially because of its much higher resolution and ISO-range.
    My standard lens is a Sigma 18-200mm zoom. That is very vesrsatile and allows me to shoot what I want in nearly every situation. But I might get the Nikon 18-300mm, as that has the longer range and comes with an optical stabilizer.
    Enjoy your new camera. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your pictures, especially if the cute kitty.
    Best regards from southern Texas, in the middle of a thunderstorm [which gives us the long longed-for rain], and have a great Sunday,

    1. I agree so much with what you said about articulating screens. This is really something I miss too. This was also the reason why I waited for the successor D7200, but I was disappointed that it didn’t came with a tilt screen either. That is why I also had the canon 70d on my list, because this camera has this kind of screen. I would like to record video of me playing guitar, and now with the D7100 I have to do this with help of my mobile device as a monitor through USB. This is a solution but a tilt screen would be so much more handy.

      I will need to get a better lens too after I did put more money to the side, the kit lens is really not that impressive, but for practicing it is fine. I think I will sell the kit lens at some point and use this money for a better lens. I saw some reviews of Sigma and Tamron lenses, they will be an option too of course.

      Best greeetings from Germany to Texas. I hope the weather is not too heavy over there. Enjoy the rest weekend Pit! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Dennis,
        Canon cameras are really good, too. But for me it was Nikons ever since I had my first one in the late 1970s. Maybe Nikon will add the tilt monitor some time. Let’s hope. I’ll wait and see – at least for a while.
        As to our weather: it wasn’t bad, just some heavy thunderstorms. But luckily without any damage. Only rain. And we desperately need that. Even much more.\
        Have a great time in “good ol’ Germany”,

  2. Great timing on that photo. The Nikon D7100 seems like a nice camera. Is it your first DSLR? I got a new camera at Christmas and really love it. I didn’t replace my old Canon T1i but a got a Canon EOS-M to compliment it. It is a compact camera with interchangeable lenses but not a DSLR. It has flaws but takes great pictures and videos and is much easier to carry then my other Canon.

    1. Yes, this is my very first DSLR. After thousands of shots with my mobile device and point and shoot camera, I often felt very limited. Biggest problem was slow auto focus and that I couldn’t focus manually to just name some problems. It worked for a long time but I thought that a DSLR would give me more creative freedom, that’s what I took out of photography related videos that I watched on YouTube since months. It took me some time to save money for it but now I am really excited, patience pays off ๐Ÿ˜€

      I heard good things about the system cameras like the canon EOS-M. I had some on my list too, for example the Sony A6000, it’s crazy how far technology is. I even heard about journalists and other professionals swapping their DSLR’s for system cameras with interchangeable lens system. It’s practical because you can carry them with you, you can upgrade them with lenses too and I agree, I was impressed by the image quality too.

      I think both, these high-end compact cameras and DSLR’s come with certain advantages and drawbacks. I was 7 hours outdise today to play with my D7100, you’re right, my hands hurt, that is one of the drawbacks. But if we put this aside, I really love the complexity of the camera. I learned a lot more about the camera today.

      But I would be interested in a high-end compact camera as well, I like it too that they can be used as everyday camera, because I won’t and can’t carry the DSLR always with me. These compact cameras are indeed very good today. I saw a lot of reviews and felt the temptation to buy one too. I might get me one at some point but now I just start saving some more money for a decent DSLR lens.

      1. I think getting the DSLR was a great choice. A compact system camera is a great second camera for carrying around because they are small and light but there are more drawbacks when trying to get the perfect shot.

      2. Yes, I think you can control everything in detail with a DSLR and you can upgrade them heavily, this is something I really needed as I love Photoshop. However, it will take some time until I understand the camera and until I get the best out of it. But then it will help me to do better Photoshop work.

        Anyway, the new compacts are impressive too. They offer way more than a usual point and shoot could do, and I am mainly interested in one due to the same reason you mentioned, they are small and handy. I read it often in forums that professionals have both, a modern small system camera and a DSLR. It makes sense, at least if the money is there, for now I can not have both but maybe later.

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