Bee On A Yellow Plant

I find it quite difficult to take close-up shots of small insects with my 18-105mm kit lens. Mainly because it’s not a macro lens and because the minimum focus distance of 0.45 meters, but I definitely learned how to get around it and how to take decent close-up photos with the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens without additional equipment. So, I’ve been in the garden again today, and usually when I am there, I take my camera with me. I spotted some bees on a yellow flower, and the image in this post is one of the photos that I could … Continue reading Bee On A Yellow Plant

About Kit Lenses And A Swan Close-Up Photo

I found this swan photo while I browsed through my Lightroom catalog. I shot the photo by the end of the last year when I only owned the Nikon 18-105mmm kit lens and when I was starting out with DSLR photography. The photo was taken at 105mm but the swan was close to the waterside. I like this close-up shot, I just cropped the image slightly and sharpened the image a bit. Even if it’s not my only lens anymore, I won’t forget how the Nikon 18-105mm helped me to learn about my camera and what focal lengths actually mean … Continue reading About Kit Lenses And A Swan Close-Up Photo

Hike Through The Fog

I like the paths you can find in Reinfeld, but as mentioned, walking there is even more interesting when it’s misty, because it’s mysterious. Some people might dislike the wet air and would stay at home when it’s misty, but I do really love to go out, and then you can enjoy it all alone. I did maybe see three people there in one hour, one jogger, and two womans with their dogs, some people just like it, others not. We do sometimes have fog in the morning, but it doesn’t happen too often that there is fog all day … Continue reading Hike Through The Fog

Tips To Get Close-Up Insect Photos With The Nikon 18-105mm Lens

I mentioned several times now in my blog that it’s impossible to get real macro photos with the Nikon 18-105mm lens, however, in this post I will write down how you can get decent insect close-up shots with this lens, it’s possible but not without limits. First of all, it’s definitely impossible to take close-up photos of any insects smaller than a bumblebee, common bee or wasp, of course you can take photos of anything smaller but I wouldn’t call it close-up anymore, the fact is you can not really get closer to tiny insects. But you can get quite … Continue reading Tips To Get Close-Up Insect Photos With The Nikon 18-105mm Lens

After 900 Shots I Can Say This Camera Is Impressive

I have my D7100 since yesterday, but I didn’t really do much with it yesterday apart from trying buttons and reading a little bit in the manual. I only shot my first photos in the automatic mode, I showed two of them here and here. Some hours later it was too dark to take more photos. I know, the D7100 can also be used if it is darker, but without tripod this is probably very difficult, and apart from that I have not the experience yet to do these shots. But I was very curios and excited in the evening, … Continue reading After 900 Shots I Can Say This Camera Is Impressive