Hike Through The Fog

foggy path

I like the paths you can find in Reinfeld, but as mentioned, walking there is even more interesting when it’s misty, because it’s mysterious. Some people might dislike the wet air and would stay at home when it’s misty, but I do really love to go out, and then you can enjoy it all alone. I did maybe see three people there in one hour, one jogger, and two womans with their dogs, some people just like it, others not.

We do sometimes have fog in the morning, but it doesn’t happen too often that there is fog all day long, but I wish this would happen more often. I heard the birds singing, and I spotted little birds everywhere in the bushes, too little for my lens, but some day that might change. On the other hand, my 18-105mm lens is handy too, it’s a good general purpose lens, sometimes you want to take a wide-angle shot and you use can use the 18mm, sometimes you want to zoom and you can go to 105mm, I am not unhappy with the kit lens, I enjoy the lens and I can’t understand the bad reviews.

5 thoughts on “Hike Through The Fog

  1. Actually kit lenses are good if u know how to use them 🙂 graduated filter for instance develop ur creativity. I don’t mind my 18-55mm for landscapes and general photos if I have creative equipment 🙂 what camera do u use ? Btw I love this photo xd

    1. I purchased the Nikon D7100 last year as kit with the mentioned lens. It’s my first DSLR, and a lot people said “Nope, please don’t buy it with the kit lens, you will be unhappy”… But I think the kit lens makes me find out what focal length I use the most, and what it is all about, where I want to go in photography, it’s the perfect lens for beginners like me and I enjoy it. I see it as you, you can do good things with them 🙂 I don’t have gratuated filters or any other filters yet, except the UV filter as lens protection… but I am very interested in creative filters and that will come next. 🙂 I am glad you like the photo Paula 🙂

  2. Really love those misty shots, with the light running through the trees and making each branch individual and yet contributing to the whole.

    I have a D7100, and while I no longer have or use the kit lens, its a great tool. And it covers I think just enough wide angle to add that extra field of view that extends our normal view. And its a lightweight little number a fact that is not lost on me as the years roll.

    You are really fortunate to have such a beautiful place to walk.

    1. That’s true, I find the wider angle of the kit lens useful too. What I like the most about the lens is that I can find out if I prefer a certain focal length. For a beginner like me, the lens is just perfect to start. Now that I understand focal lenght more, I know what kind of lenses I’d like to save for, that’s something you can learn with the kit lens. Of course it would be great to own all lenses, hehe, but you need to start somewhere, and the kit lens really helps you to find out about your focal length habits.

      I am glad you like the photo, the place is good for hikes, but in a month I will be back to the city, but until then I will do some more hikes where I am right now 🙂

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