Unnoticed Passanger… Kitty On A Flight

I found this YouTube video on Reddit as it got a lot of up votes and popped up on top of my feed there. It’s a little bit shocking at first but there is a happy end.

The pilot does notice during the flight that there is a cat on one of the wings. He is shocked and returns to the airfield immediately so that nothing worse happens. The cat survives unscathed because the cat hung on the metal construction of the wing with perseverance.

According to the video description, the pilot is still not sure if the cat jumped on the wing after the pre flight check of if he just didn’t notice it during the check. The cat looks very stressed after the landing but the cat is now doing well according to the video description.

I spotted already some comments on other sites where a few people think this video might be set up to go viral. Animal abuse for internet fame? In this case I don’t think so. You see that the pilot doesn’t act, he rather looks really surprised when he sees the cat.

There is also a simple explanation why the incident was recorded. It’s not planned nor coincidence I think. A lot of people use GoPro cameras during their adventures today, thus it’s also more likely that things like that get recorded. Fortunately there is a happy end.

Anyway, I hope this is not something that happens more often and maybe even with bad ends. However, you see clearly that cats are smart. The cat noticed the danger and reacted immediately and found hold on the construction.  It shows again that cats are very smart.

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