Yet Another Trave River Photo

Trave River

I guess there are several Trave river photos on my blog. Here is a new one that I shot weeks ago. Yes, the weather is still bad here, which means I can only revert to photos that I shot a while ago and that I didn’t upload yet.

I like to wander near the Trave river in Lübeck, many people do, it’s understandable because it’s a place where people go walking or do sports if they don’t want to hear the noise of the streets. The river is long and the area is rich in variety.

It’s a place where people can relieve stress I think, it’s good that our city has a little bit of nature. You can reach the river from different districts due to the length and due to the fact that the river flows through different areas of Lübeck.

About the photo, I edited the image a little bit. I pushed the colours in the foreground and decreased the colours in the background, yea, its experimental anyhow.

8 thoughts on “Yet Another Trave River Photo

  1. You did well. It does not look ‘manufactured’. Sometime people push the corrections to the point of altering reality too much.

    1. Thank you. I agree, it shouldn’t be done too much. But in some cases it can be fun to alter reality for experimental reasons… I have for example some photos on the blog where I changed the eye colour of my cat to red or blue, just to make it look very unreal.. at times it can be fun to find out how this would look like 🙂 But then it is also more meant as “art”. 😀

      1. Yes it is fun to experiment. I do it a lot but then, as you say I do not call it a ‘photo’ any more.

  2. This is a very lovely river and very well shot, I like it! It’s a real advantage if you live in such area where there are some plots of nature! We are all tired of big cities where there is so much noise and traffic that you can hardly breath. So, people should evaluate it!

    1. That is the good about the city where I live… it’s not the most beautiful city (except for the medieval architecture and nature), but we have some areas that are really fine.. You’re right, you sometimes need to get out in the nature, it’s possible around cities, but it’s cool if there are some areas within the city too so that you don’t have to travel to see some nature. 🙂

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