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Dishonored Review


As we have bad weather here right now, I decided to play through a game that I never tried earlier. I talk about Dishonored and to say it right in the beginning, the game is X-rated and pretty much violent depending on your play style, but more about this later. However, the game was pretty interesting and fun to play.

Dishonored is a first-person action game, you could also say it is a stealth action-adventure. Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial city where most of the stuff still runs with whale oil, yes, you dive into a steampunk genre with this game.

You are Corvo Attano, one of the bodyguards of the Empress. Without spoiling the story, but that’s what you will notice in the prologue and your very first minutes in the game, the Empress gets murdered while you are present, and you are framed to be her murder.

I won’t tell you much more about the story, I just tell you what you will find out right at the beginning. Dunwall is a messed up place, a really messed up place, a plague-ridden and corrupt place. On your way you want to find out who conspired against you.

Now about the gameplay. Dishonored offers you different ways to get through the game. You can sneak your way through the game without killing a single opponent, or you decide to kill all of them in most creative ways as they are corrupt and against you anyway.

It’s totally up to you and the game is pretty much like a sandbox game. You can confront your opponents, but you can also decide to hide in the next bush so that no patrol can see you. You can try to stay invisible, going over roofs, finding alternative ways.

There are tons of ways to get through the missions , you can try to be stealthy, or you decide to use the weapons you just got. Apart from that, you will also get magic abilities that will help you on your adventure. The game offers you a lot of freedom and you decide.

There are also different ways to eliminate the opponents you meet in the game, if you choose to do so. Depending on your play style, the game can be macabre, if you are creative enough. I decided to go the psycho route and told myself “I just killed bad ones!”.

I am not sure if the steampunk style of the game is something for anybody. Steampunk does not touch me very well, but I dislike too much fiction, if at all, I rather prefer science fiction. However, I had to go through the game anyway, the gameplay was really fun.

It’s one of the games I had to go through, the story became interesting as the gameplay got me excited. Sometimes games come with settings that you don’t prefer, but when the gameplay is exciting, you get used to the setting of the world you did enter.

That is what happened to me in Dishonored. However, if you like fiction anyway, you probably won’t have these problems. To anybody else, believe me, the gameplay is interesting and it’s worth to get through the story, it’ll become interesting after a while.

Talking about the technical aspects, the game plays smooth, the whole gameplay and the movements felt smooth. There is no responsive lag in the game, and there are no software performance problems and I beef a lot about games that have no smooth gameplay.

The game also offers playtime, it depends as well how you decide to get through. I played 18 hours, but considering that there are different ways to play through, it has replay value. I think my next try will be a play through without any kills. That would be a challenge.

This is one of the games I would suggest to play, if you are already eighteen years old. It’s actually one of the games that I definitely will play a second time on a different way. Hope you liked this article about Dishonored.

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