Dishonored Play Through

Dishonored Screenshot

Weather is still bad here, is there something better than using the bad time to play through a PC game? If you ask a gamer, the reply is “probably not”. I love it when it’s uncomfortable outside but cozy inside, watching on my PC screen to dive into other worlds. That is what gaming is for me.

The game Dishonored had good ratings on Steam, and it was 75% off during Steam summer sales. I purchased it and installed it right away. Then I went to the mall to get several bags of potato chips and other tasty things, I filled a bottle with a mix of ice tea and water and started my digital journey.

I played through the game in 18 hours divided by several evenings. The game is for adults, but it is really a good game. You can find my Dishonored review on my blog too if you want to read more about the game.


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