A Bird Safely Landed

A bird landed on a fence

Here we have a common blackbird safely landed on a fence with barbed wire. I was walking through one of our parks when I noticed the landing of the bird. It’s amazing with what kind of precision they can land anywhere, no matter if there is barbed wire or anything else. I shot the photo and the bird flew away.

12 thoughts on “A Bird Safely Landed

    1. That was one of these moments where you put your camera already back to the bag because you couldn’t find anything interesting, but then a bird decides to give you the opportunity for a lucky shot 🙂 I am glad you like it, I had to be fast to get the camera back out of my bag 🙂

  1. That is amazing. We have Osprey here, which are like eagles. I’ve witnessed them being clumsy a couple of times. I saw one flying with a fish when it flew too close to a telephone line. The fish hit the line and fell back into the water. Another time one flew into a palm tree. He must have been daydreaming. He noticed the tree too late, tried to avoid it but hit the edge of the leaves.

    1. *Laugh* When I have read your comment I could imagine the scene with the eagle and fish visually… I had to smile 🙂 Yes, might be that birds can be daydreamers too 😀 Very funny!

      We have different sorts of eagles here too. We also have Ospreys here, and then also the White-tailed eagle (although we call them translated Sea Eagles) and others. I find it hard to see one, if so they are rather in the nature of preserve areas. I guess it would be very hard to take photos of them unless I have a tele lens one day. I would be very interested to do this in the future 🙂

      1. We call most of these birds just Eagles in Germany… for example Steinadler means literarry Stone Eagle, Seeadler means Sea Eagle, Osprey is called Fischadler which means Fish Eagle… so, people would just say Adler (Eagle) if they spot one.

        Anyway, there is a German meaning or translation for Raptors as well. Yes I think that is the type of bird. As they are more rare than the common birds here, I do find them very interesting as well 🙂

        When researching for the English names of different types of animals, I sometimes have trouble to find the right word as there seems to be a big difference between both languages in this case. A great example is the “Amsel” bird… Wikipedia says it’s the common blackbird, while I also find translations like “Merle”. We only have one word “Amsel”, or the scientific names of course.

        Same as someone at Google+ explained me that there is actually a difference between a Pigeon and a Dove. Here in Germany we just have one word for it apart from the scientific clasification names.. We call both a dove and a pigeon just “Taube”. 😀 We just add things like “Stadttaube” which means “Citypigeon” to name one example.

      2. I guess I should be clear. Very few people here use the word “raptor” when describing birds but it is a classification that I think means “birds of prey.

  2. Your blackbird in Italy is called ‘merlo’. They are all black with a yellow beak like your photo. They are considered intelligent, they have a melodious whistling song. In my family’s country property one of them befriended my father who often worked in the garden. My dad would go outside and whistle, the blackbird would arrive and follow him everywhere. I have not see this kind of bird in the USA where I have lived, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Idaho, and now Colorado. There are birds in black but not with that bright yellow beak. It must be a European bird.
    I loved this photo!

    1. You can also classify them because of the orange or yellow around the eyes. The word “merlo” is interesting, because it seems there is another English word that sounds similar and means black bird too… it the word “merle”. The scientific name sounds similar “turdus merula”. In Germany we call the bird “Amsel”. I think the black ones are usually male, I am not sure, but there are also brown ones.

      It might be that they are European… I think I should read the Wikipedia article again when I have time, because I like to learn more. I am glad you like my photo 🙂

    1. I asked Wikipedia to find out more about the bird you mean and this is a very beautiful bird! The biological diversity of animals is so awesome… so many interesting birds for example 🙂

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