Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

thefirstimageofshynaI like the new motto of the latest Weekly Photo Challenge. Well, 2014 just started and you could say that this is the reason why they have chosen “beginning”. The start of the year might have inspired them.

As always it is up to us participants how we interpret the motto. On the left side you can see how I associate the Challenge theme “beginning”.

On the photo you can see my cat Shyna. If you stop by regularly on my blog then you have probably seen hundreds of her photos. But this time it is a different one! It´s the photo I saw before I met her for the first time.

I saw this photo on the local Ebay classifieds and I think it was the end of the year 2007.

She soon had a new home, my home, now our home. At first she was a little bit shy but after some hours I saw her joy of discovery. I did let her discover everything alone. That was the way she could familiarize with the new environment.

I gave her the name Shyna because as mentioned, she seemed to be shy but it turned out that she can show the opposite behaviour by times. Today I see a lot of characteristics in her behaviour. She can be playful, devoted, feisty, sleepy, bored and so on. Well, cat´s have different daily moods like we humans too.

Concluding I can say that I associate her “classifieds photo” as the beginning, the beginning of a very good friendship. Never would I give her away. She´s now family member since many years. If you like, you can find out more about Shyna here.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

    1. That´s what I thought too when I saw her the first time six years ago 🙂 I had to give her a home 🙂 Have a nice weekend too please.

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