Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I like the new motto of the latest Weekly Photo Challenge. Well, 2014 just started and you could say that this is the reason why they have chosen “beginning”. The start of the year might have inspired them. As always it is up to us participants how we interpret the motto. On the left side you can see how I associate the Challenge theme “beginning”. On the photo you can see my cat Shyna. If you stop by regularly on my blog then you have probably seen hundreds of her photos. But this time it is a different one! It´s the … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

It is time to present my cat!

Ok I told you already that I am a fan of pets. I own a cool and cute cat! I think she´s 3 years old now. I call her Shyna spoken like China. I did like the sound of the word when you speak it out. She is sometimes but shy.. but not only. I would say I´m a fan of China.. maybe not of chinese politic but a fan of this culture. I like the letters, the architecture, the people and so. Just in case you wonder why someone would call his cat China or Shyna. Maybe that all … Continue reading It is time to present my cat!