It is time to present my cat!

Ok I told you already that I am a fan of pets. I own a cool and cute cat! I think she´s 3 years old now. I call her Shyna spoken like China. I did like the sound of the word when you speak it out. She is sometimes but shy.. but not only. I would say I´m a fan of China.. maybe not of chinese politic but a fan of this culture. I like the letters, the architecture, the people and so. Just in case you wonder why someone would call his cat China or Shyna. Maybe that all describes it well. 😛

My Beautiful Cat

I don’t know if there is anything else to say about my cat.. I can say she is very shy to external people but if she start to know you, she will stop to be shy.

And then… she can get a beast and barefaced! But don’t worry.. she won´t hurt anybody.. she would just call you to play! And believe me.. she wouldn´t understand if you say “No! I can’t now!”.

Yes she´s selfish but I like her so much. She´s just cool. 🙂

So tell me about your cat, ok?

Did you write about your cat in your blog? Just write a comment here with a link.

I’m nosy what other cats are around. I’m very interested in pictures, blog posts, videos and what ever you have. 🙂

Cats are just cool.. aren’t they?

I think pets are an enrichment in our life.


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